Ltd elite mii - anyone tried it ?

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Thread: Ltd elite mii - anyone tried it ?

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    Ltd elite mii - anyone tried it ?

    Has anyone tried one of these ? I got an offer for a trade and I was wondering if anyone who has had an authentic esp tried the ltd elites ? Supposedly they are made in the same factory.

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    Depends on what you mean by an "authentic" ESP. I haven't even seen an LTD Elite anywhere, since GC doesn't seem to to carry them, but I believe they're nothing but a re-badged ESP Standard Series, which are pretty nice. Quality should be high, but obviously not at ESP custom shop levels. The Standard Series are/were made in a different factory than the customs and are really just Edwards models that were labeled as ESPs for export markets (like the USA).

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    Yeah, LTD Elites are the new ESP Standards, made in Japan. I've got an ST-1, it's really nice, maybe my favorite guitar.

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    i just got an ltd elite horizon iii and it is definitely on par with any esp that i have every played. made in the same factory so same quality, quality control, etc.

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    I think they're the E-II series now? I'll never understand the marketing behind it, but at one point I did on a standard mii, and I've played the elite MII. Give them the same setup and what not, and in a blind test I probably couldn't tell much of a difference.

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    Honestly all the names from esp frustrate mex3

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