Best (sort of) Budget 8 String?

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Thread: Best (sort of) Budget 8 String?

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    Best (sort of) Budget 8 String?

    Alas, it seems that I have grown out of ESP LTD FM-418 8 string.. i will admit, its nice, but im looking for something, well, lets say the altogether best 8 string for or under $600, im looking for something That stays in tune well, has a baritone/ extended scale, preferably mahogany, sounds good, and maybe neck through? ive seen the Dean Rusty Cooley RC8X, looks okay, i can find a new one for 450 new with a case, (FM-418 is basswood, neck through, grover tuners, EMGs, etc) okay, kind of went overboard there.. anyway, suggestions? thanks guys

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    Agiles aren't a bad bet for that sort of price range

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    If you can live with the abalone and are willing to go used, a Schecter C-8 of some kind would check most of those boxes.

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    Ibanez RG8 probably

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    You can't beat the rg8 in that price range. With the spare cash you can upgrade the pups and have a kickass guitar

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    This is the best advice your going to get. Save a couple hundred more bucks, and buy a barebones Carvin DC800.
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    +1 for the barebones Carvin idea. Much more value for not much extra coin.

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    +1 for the Carvin. I haven't played a DC800, but I've really dug the 6s I've played. A Schecter would fit your criteria, but when you said you wanted an extended scale, do you mean the LTD isn't long enough for you? If so, I'd suggest moving past 26.5", because it's not a massive jump.

    A Schecter Damien Elite 8 would be right in your budget and should be what you want, but any higher up in the line and you might as well get a barebones Carvin.

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