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Thread: Advice/suggestions please...

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    Advice/suggestions please...

    I've always just owned six string guitars and have them tuned anywhere between E standard and drop C tuning. I've decided to mix it up a bit and have been considering either a baritone or seven string and was wondering if those of you experienced and knowledgeable wouldn't mind pointing out pros and cons as well as brand/ model recommendations on both. I'd probably be willing to spend as much as $1200 to give you an idea of price point. I thank you in advance for your time and help...

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    Wirelessly posted

    They're all guitars man. No new pros and cons to add strings save maybe how you play chords will change (6-string chord means muting the 7th string).

    Go play a bunch.
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    If you're like me; kinda weary of whether or not I'll like 7-strings, so I don't want to spend a whole lot of money on my first one to find out that it's not for me....

    I found this Agile - Agile Septor 727 RN CP CF White -
    that I'll probably be checking out later this year (unless something else comes along).
    But for a brand new, good looking 7-string, it's not that expensive.

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    I always had trouble with 7, but I'm fine with 8. I just figure the odd number of strings on 7 throws me off. I dunno.... Just go play some
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    I've heard that the ibanez rg7321 are really good just need different pickups and would be really cheap especially used just to get a feel and if u sell it u could make ur money back so no major loss

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    Why not get a seven-string baritone? Heh heh. I only have three seven-strings now since I sold all the other guitars I owned, but one of the sevens I still have is a seven-string baritone and it fuckin' rules.

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    honestly man, if youre looking at baritone, Ibanez just came out with an RG baritone, first ever for them, looks really promising, the RGIB6, you can get them new on Sweetwater and GC or any site for 699

    Quote Originally Posted by Solis Magna View Post
    honestly man, if youre looking at baritone, Ibanez just came out with an RG baritone, first ever for them, looks really promising, the RGIB6, you can get them new on Sweetwater for 699

    neck type Nitro Baritone 3pc Maple/Bubinga neck
    body Basswood body
    fretboard Bound rosewood fretboard
    fret Jumbo frets
    bridge Gibraltar Standard II bridge
    neck pu EMG® 60 (H) neck pu (Active/Ceramic)
    bridge pu EMG® 81 (H) bridge pu (Active/Ceramic)
    factory tuning 1B, 2F#, 3D, 4A, 5E, 6B
    hardware color Cosmo black
    Neck Dimensions

    Scale 712mm/28"
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    Six feels better to me, but 7 gives you more notes in the upper register. Bending is easier on six for me, and they're lighter in general, but I'm playing a 7 right now

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