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Thread: 2 Guitars using 1 modelling unit

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    2 Guitars using 1 modelling unit

    Okay, I couldn't think of a more conclusive title. I recently saw a rig rundown with Thy Art Is Murder, which showed them using 1 Axe FX for both guitars, since it has multiple inputs and outputs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6SSC-RCWz0). I thought that was a really cool idea and was wondering if there are units besides the Axe FX that are able to pull something like that off? It would save my band a lot of back pain, since we would also try running direct to FOH and using monitors/in-ears.
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    I may be wrong but I think the big pod rackmount unit can do it. Can't remember the name but the one with two 1/4 inch and 2 for inputs on the front panel

    Why not just go with the axe fx though? Its the best modeler by far. *shots fired*

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    That's probably going to be the way we go (purchasing an axe fx), I just thought it to be wise to see if there are any alternatives I have no knowledge of.

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    The POD HD floor models and HD Pro, as well as the later BOSS units (GT-10 and GT-100) have an auxiliary input on the back and the ability to construct parallel effects chains. Some people use them for doing separate processing of magnetic and piezo signals from one guitar.

    I think having multiple players going through one unit would only work if you were both changing patches at exactly the same time, or only really using one amp model and the effects in "pedal" mode. Otherwise, you'd have to go through a lot of duplication of patches and such to accommodate both players and all the changes necessary.

    I'm totally a patch guy and not a "turn individual effects on and off as necessary" guy, so my perspective is biased by my preferred way to work with a modeller/multi-fx unit.

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