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Thread: Japan Epiphone Les Paul with Gibson Headstock

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    Japan Epiphone Les Paul with Gibson Headstock

    Hi all again. late night online shopping and found a beauty. two weeks later this turned up. I don't know much about these Japanese ones except its made at the Fujigen Plant Japan in the 90's. Plays like melted butter but the pickups are nearly micro-phonic! I have some EMG 57/66 ( Gold ) coming to fix that. If anyone knows about these can you fill me in. I've taken a picture of the serial number to if anyone knows how to decode it.


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    I approve.
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    How odd. I wonder if that is the precursor to the Orvilles? Those are the Gibson-licensed MIJ guitars, only sold in the Japanese market.

    Either way, nice score. She's a beaut.
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    Dat serial number.
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    Cheers for the reply, I didn't even notice the serial number until you mentioned it...haha is it cool

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    I love the Japanese LPs. I used to have a few Epiphone Elite/Elitists and a Greco LP Custom John Sykes copy that I never should have sold. I used to know a lot more about them, but can't seem to remember much anymore. Good score, regardless.

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    A good place to go and learn about MIJ LPs is here Les Paul Forum | Gibson Epiphone - MyLesPaul.com
    Their "Other Les Pauls" section.

    Nice score. I believe the Epiphone Japan series actually came after the Orville guitars.

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    That serial number is awesome.

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