How have your tastes in gear changed over the years?

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Thread: How have your tastes in gear changed over the years?

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    How have your tastes in gear changed over the years?

    We haven't had one of these threads in a good long while. Lots of new members here, and old ones who are evolving as well. How have they stayed the same as well?

    -Insatiable thirst for more snappy bolt on superstrats. Used to be Neck through or GTFO.
    -Fell out of love with EMGs, don't have any anymore. Everyone told me this day would come.
    -Would rather have a floyd than a TOM 90% of the time. Used to only like TOMs.
    -Appreciation for HSS configs. Dig it more than HH on superstrats.

    -DGCFAD, settled on this in the first year of playing. Still think it is the best tuning out there.
    -Still hate tone pots.
    -Boost or GTFO. If it's not clean, the OD808 is on.
    -Still hate neck humbucker leads for everything except the highest registers above the 12th fret.
    -Jazz IIIs. Changed in regards to not liking the mini versions anymore, but there isn't a pick out there as cool as the XLs as far as I am concerned. Still experiment with others, but those are supreme.

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    Gear-wise, I'm coming to the realization that I have way more than I can justify, and I'm really thinking about downsizing to just a few simple custom pieces and a decent amp. I'll keep some of my collector items, but I may unload some of the other stuff.

    Music-wise, I'd say that when I do get the chance to play, I'm starting to play really "outside the box" for me. No more basic up and down major/minor scale runs or strict arpeggios, I'm throwing in "off" notes and shapes, and doing more disorderly approaches to note progressions.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Changed: appreciate having a couple of pedals. Still not a fan of too much on the floor, but the right few and you can get a lot of cool stuff happening. More guitars with trems (they might be blocked but only own 1 TOM/stoptail).

    I also want to work on "playing the changes" and have lots of material to work with in this regard. Its what makes solos sound way more interesting.

    Constant: not a gain whore, mahogany and maple, passives. 22 frets is a plus but not mandatory.
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    Used to be all about 7 string super strats now all I want is short scale set neck guitars with TOM bridges.

    Also I don't have an irrational hatred of drop tunings anymore, I keep intending to write a song in drop D.

    Still don't like EMG's though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    -Still hate tone pots.
    -Jazz IIIs. Changed in regards to not liking the mini versions anymore, but there isn't a pick out there as cool as the XLs as far as I am concerned. Still experiment with others, but those are supreme.
    These also.

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    EMGs. Starting in 1991, I had them in everything. Now I have passives in everything, except one bass. I'm also gravitating towards lower output passives.
    Picks. I used to use Derlin 1.0s, now I use black Jazz IIIs
    Cables. I used to not care that much. Now it's George L's or GTFO

    Not Changed:
    Guitars. My main guitars will always be Rhoads.

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    Rig: Blackstar Nope 100

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    -TOMs and stopbars
    -Cocked Wahs
    -thick strings
    -At least 1 vol. and 1 tone knob
    -Neck and bridge pickups or I
    -Jazz lll Ultra Grips
    -More Pedals
    -Using less and less gain
    -using clean channels a lot more
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    -Higher-quality solid state amps (ala Randall)
    -Active pickups
    -Pickguarded Superstrats
    -Les Pauls
    -No tone pots

    -Wanted an 8-string, but my interest has dropped in favor for baritone sixers and sevens
    -Love of MIDI gear
    -Used to like only one pickup, but I'm seeing the light in multiple pickups
    -fr00t finishes
    -22 frets over 24 frets
    -P/J over J/J basses
    -ToM and Floyd Rose over hardtails
    -Love of Fender shapes, ala Strat, Tele, and Jazzmaster
    -Dislike of 24.75'' scale necks
    -Love of PRS guitars
    -Lower-gauge strings (Switched from .11 - .56 in drop C/.10 - .52 in standard to .10 - .48 in drop C/.10 - .46 in standard)
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    Join Date: Oct 2008
    Location: Manhattan
    ME: Warmoth Warhead
    MA: Blueridge BR-40
    MB: Dingwall ABI, Kubicki
    Rig: Budda SD30

    iTrader: 12 (100%)

    -Newfound (well, within the last two or three years) love of Strat pickups; neck and in-between settings particularly.
    -More low-gain playing through cleaner, Fender/Vox-esque tones
    -Preference towards shorter scale guitars and basses (except for single-coils)
    -Lighter strings
    -Less boosting
    -Able to play much slimmer necks these days without tendonitis problems
    -Less whammy bar usage

    -Mid-gain > * (I prefer tones that have some "attack" and "decay" envelope, not just a single sustained compressed note)
    -Overall preference for modded-Marshall-esque tones
    -Suhr Aldrich in a short-scale > *
    -Still prefer narrow string spacing and narrow nut width for basses
    -Haven't found anything to unseat my Budda, my Aguilar, my AudioKinesis, and my Tech 21 VT Bass
    -Still love Jazz IIIs
    -Still love to ride the volume knob rather than switch channels
    -Still love TOMs
    -Still tend to like bright guitars into dark amps
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