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Thread: Nick's NAMM 2009 Picstory (150 pics, be patient)

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    Nick's NAMM 2009 Picstory (150 pics, be patient)

    I posted this over on last night but I figured you guys would dig it too


    UPDATE (1/16/09): Day 2 NAMM Pics Posted Here.


    Well this is my first NAMM show and it's everything I hoped it would be. An amazing place. Great weather, cool people, beautiful women everywhere, and of course all the kickass gear one can take in.

    Day 1 just concluded, and it was busy with meetings and photo taking. I didn't get to plug in to anything yet, check back tomorrow for some more amp thoughts. For now enjoy the picstory! Not all pics are labeled, so if you're curious what anything is feel free to ask

    This is the walkway to the main entrance, man it's freakin nice here...

    First up was checking out the PRS booth. I had a meeting with one of their reps, I should be dealing these pretty soon

    Next up was Ernie Ball Music Man. The satin black JP6 felt pretty nice, and some of the other models were nice as well. I especially liked the odd purple burst one.

    After that it was Peavey. Some real nice stuff here, as well as some pretty cheesy ones as well. I'll let you decide! The last pic is of one of their new 'high-end' tube amps. I didn't get to try it yet but I shall.

    Next up was the US Music Corp booth (Parker, Washburn, & Randall). Some amazing stuff here. I'll be dealing all of these brands but I'm most excited about Parkers as they're my all-time favorite production guitars.

    The purple quilt burst Parker below is fucking amazing...

    And now to what I'm sure most of you will be interested in, the Ibanez booth. I was VERY impressed by some of the new offerings...

    After this it was time for my meeting with Caparison, which was really interesting. My first time talking through a translator was pretty entertaining .

    In all seriousness though, Itaru Kanno is awesome and the new models they introduced are BADASS. I had a goofy grin on my face the whole time. I ended up buying 3 of the ones they brought over from Japan (all new models)

    After all that fun and a lunch break across the street with my buddy who made the trip with me, it was time to visit Mr. Steve Freyette of VHT, er, Steve Freyette Designs. I had about an hour long conversation with him and his main sales/artist relations guy.

    Great stuff. I still can't get used to the new faceplates, but the tone is the same so it's all good

    Across the way from the SFD booth was Fernandes. I was pleasantly surprised by some badass new models they put out. I'm thinking about becoming a dealer, they really were pretty killer and very affordable. Real friendly guys (pleasure meeting you dudes if you read this).

    One new model they have looks like a high-end strat on the front, but it turns out it's neck thru. I've never seen anything like this, it felt great too. I really wanted to buy this guitar right here, eventhough I'm not a strat guy atall. Check it out...

    After this I made the final stop of my day, the Framus/Warwick booth. Great people to deal with, super cool, knowledgable and friendly. They have a brand new US distribution network and the new guy in charge (Tyler) is one of the coolest guys I've come across in the industry. Can't wait to work with him, should be getting some new shipments soon

    Before that however I took some shots of some stunning Warwick basses they had on display. No Framus pics yet though (tomorrow).

    Well that's it for today. Sorry for the brief rundowns but I'm absolutely exhausted. This has been a crazy few days out here on the left coast. I'm having a killer time though, this would be a great place to live. I can't say I'm missing the -5 degree weather back in Boston right now

    More pics on days 2-4 to come, check back then

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    those PRS's are GAS-inducing. and i've played one of those washburns, decent.

    parker GAS.

    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    those fernandes Vs look great, how was the neck joint on those new TATs? It looks horrific

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    Nice pics, Nick. Can't wait to see more.
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    Epic dude, great pictures

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    HP Lovethrash

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    Awesome pics, thanks dude!

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