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Thread: removing neck on ibanez

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    removing neck on ibanez

    Hello - I recently got an ibanez m80m - which had a thread bare neck screw - I removed the neck from the guitar to see what was up - and noticed an extra hole had been drilled into the neck also - needless to say I took the guitar back - after reattaching the neck of course.

    The guy at the shop told me that they would take the guitar back due to the spinning screw but removing the neck technically voided the warranty on the guitar - so yes they took it back - but were a little dicky about it. does that sound right to anyone here? Its a bit hard to believe to be honest but I wouldn't be surprised....

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    Guitar warranties are almost useless unless there's a glaring unfixable problem. There are exceptions like Taylor who are fantastic with warranty. If they really wanted to be dicks they could claim that you stripped the thread while voiding the warranty by taking the neck off

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    So who did u take it back to?

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