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Thread: New ESP Mirage

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    New ESP Mirage

    Hi all,

    So this is what i picked up a couple days ago:

    The guitar is really resonant and sounds great. I'm still waiting for a truss rod wrench to come by the mail (it has a different size screw than my other guitars) because the neck has a big underbow, making the action pretty high. Also ordered new springs and a trem bar. I have a 30 day return option on this so i'm waiting to set it up perfectly before i decide.

    Spec wise this guitar is hard to beat... Ebony board, neck through, original floyd rose, the pickups (EMGs by idk which ones) sound good but I might replace them later on with a BKP Miracle Man in the bridge and 2 singles to be determined.

    The only bummer are the little white dots that where drilled and filled with some kind of chalk by the previous owner... It doesn't affect playability at all but it really annoys me visually. If I end up keeping the guitar i"ll give to a luthier anyways because it needs a fret dress but do you guys think he can fill those holes and make it invisible? The guy who drilled them didn't even align them properly...

    And do you guys have an estimate of the the year of production of this guitar? I'm guessing 1991 according to some catalog pictures i found but couldn't find the exact same guitar so I'm not sure.

    Hope you enjoy!
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    Epic Score, Sir.
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    God DAMN. That's prolly the best NGD in a while!
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    Nice guitar man and where are the holes I was looking but couldnt find them

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    Thanks all! Fun part is i found it on the guitar center used gear section. The holes are the little white dots on the fingerboard at frets 15, 17, 19 etc... Normally there's only the rectangle inlays on the top of the fingerboard.

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    I have the exact same model and love it.

    That entire floyd route is aftermarket BTW. If you put a non Sinclair trem on these you need to do that to get acceptable action. If it's well done that's nothing to worry about, and actually makes the guitar better, Sinclairs suck.

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    Awesome score there, mate.

    Edit: I'd actually kind of dig those extra dots if they were done well. Shame they're not lined up better.

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