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Thread: Acoustic dilemma of sorts...

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    Acoustic dilemma of sorts...

    Im curious what everyone's main acoustic is and why?

    I have an Ibanez AW 7 string that I'm not getting along with anymore but I know if I get rid of it I'll regret it. I bought it new in 04' after wanting one for years. It aged well, sounds good, great projection and balanced tone and it sits there while I never play it!

    I used to have an ovation before this that I'm not sure if it sounded worse plugged in or acoustic, but I played the living fuck out of it. I guess its the extra string, I can't wrap my thumb around for chords and bass notes on the E and have no use for the B. I know I should sell it and look for a good 6 but I can't bring myself to do it. Just not sure what to do. Anyone else hang on to gear you don't use?

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    I have a Seagull S6, that I've had for years. Really love it, sounds awesome. I'd definitely recommend checking out the Seagull line. As for hanging on to gear, no, not really. I'm lucky if I have it more than 30 days.

    The only thing I've had a significant amount of time are my current guitars.
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    String it with an extra high string VERY slightly sharp or flat to your high E for an interesting effect, that, or tune it exactly the same. Wes Borland did that for a long time. That, or stick a REALLY thick string on there and tune the low B and octave lower than E.


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    I tuned my AJ307 pretty weird for a while and really liked it. I tuned it BEADF#BE. That way the bottom six were tuned just like a baritone six and it had the high e to go with it. It gave me lots of cool droning type things.
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    I ended up with a Blueridge BR-40. Love it, although I don't play it all that often.
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    I'm currently just usong my dads beat up cheap washburn acoustic but I'll be in the market myself so I've been trying everything I can. Most impressive stuff for the money I've tried has been Seagull and Breedlove.

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    + 1 on Seagull and Breedlove. The Breedlove Pursuit line is awesome. As far as keeping gear hanging around that I don't use, I really try not to anymore. I'd rather free up the funds/space for something I will use

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    Wirelessly posted

    I have a taylor gs mini that has spent the last two months across the hall for my neighbour to learn on.
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