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Thread: NGD - KD TURBOLENCE 7-string

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    NGD - KD TURBOLENCE 7-string

    Hi, guys I just got my first top quality guitar. I have 7 other and some of them are not cheap at all, but this one really crushes them all because its hand made by the bulgarian guitar/bass tech Konstantin Dimitrov. He uses only top quality matherials (8year dried solid walnut) and his attention for detail is amazing. Everything on this guitar is handmade by KD except for the Tom bridge and the tuners. The pickuups are handmade and the rings are walnut. He even covered the pickups with walnut veneer. The details are as follows:

    Pick ups:
    Two completely hand-made humbucker KD pick ups made by epoxy technology.
    Figured Walnut veneer application on the topside.
    Completely hand-made pick-up rings made of Walnut.
    Dimensions: 38mm/80,5mm. These demensions are valid for the both pick ups

    KD concentrates on building mostly instruments with passive electronics (developed by KD). I believe there is nothing better than the real, fresh and natural sound.

    POT 1: Master TONE
    Switch 2: - 5-possition pick-up switch.
    Position 1 - Bridge
    Position 2 - Bridge+Neck
    Position 3 - Neck
    Position 4 - Bridge(split)+Neck(split)
    Position 5 - Bridge (split)
    POT 3: Master VOLUME.

    The body is made of high grade 8years dried solid Walnut. One-piece body provides the characteristic long sustain and specific deep and natural sound.

    The electronics box lid is made of Walnut wood with texture as close as possible to the one of the body.

    Body-Neck construction: Set-in.


    Finish: Three component fine polished, high gloss, scratch resistible and perfect transparency polyester varnish.

    Tune-o-matic Bridge. The special feature of the bridge is the Tailpiece which holds the strings. It is unique! Designed and made by KD specially for the KD’s guitars.

    Another new style non-symmetrical headstock. The traditional fine polished KD antirust steel logo is placed the middle of the top side.
    Hand-made wooden lid made of the same Maple wood for covering the truss-rod hole.

    The neck is made of one solid piece extra grade heavy figured Balkan Maple (Balkan Maple is commonly used in the violin building and popular as the best wood material for violins).

    Neck thickness:
    20.5mm at first fret, 21,5mm at 12-th fret.

    Specially hand-made Bone nut.
    Width - 48mm.

    Indian Rosewood (Sonokeling)
    24 frets.


    Binding:1,2mm white celluloid. Binding NUBS - the real and incontrovertible sign of the real hand work. This kind of binding is actually an option only for the really hand-made and custom build instruments. You will never see a serial produced musical instrument in option binding Nubs!

    You can also check it out here: KD Basses - Guitars


    It also features this mod: Volume Treble Bleed-Bypass Circuit w/ Parallel Resistor (the red one on top of the volume pot)

    This guitar wiring modification shows how to use a small value capacitor (typically around .001 MFD) and high value resistor (typically 500K to 1.5MEG ohms) to add a tuned treble bleed or high frequency bypass feature. This mod will help retain the high frequencies that are lost when volume setting is reduced. In this version of the mod, a resistor is added in parallel with the capacitor. By adding the resistor in parallel, a small amount of ALL frequencies are allowed to bypass the volume pot along with the high frequencies that bled through the capacitor. This is done to prevent the tone from becoming too thin in reduced volume settings and augment the tape of the pot. Larger value resistors will have less of an effect on the tone and taper of the pot. A higher resistor value will thicken up the tone at reduced volume settings, but will also have a greater effect on the volume pot taper. In the variable resistor version of this circuit, a second "limiting resistor is added to prevent the resistance to be set to zero which would short out the capacitor and eliminate it from the circuit. Typical values for the limiting resistor are 500K ohms and higher.

    Konstantin Dimitrov is an amazing master and a friend, I am lucky to be able to own one of his pieces of art!
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