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Thread: 2014 Schecter Banshee Passive

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    2014 Schecter Banshee Passive

    Does anyone on here own a 2014 Schecter Banshee Passive (with the Nazgul/Sentient set)? I had a different discussion going on the Nazgul/Sentient vs JB/59 set, but now I'm really interested more in the 2014 version.

    Unfortunately, neither of the Schecter dealers near me has the Banshee model in stock. I like the specs of the guitar, but I don't see many reviews or demos of the Banshee -- especially not the 2014 model.

    What do those of you that own or at least have played the Banshee think of it?

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    If you don't mind lurking /7/, some people there have gotten a hold of it.

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    Thanks. The people on the pickup forum for this site seem very friendly and helpful. I haven't really spent as much time on that site, but I will check it out as well. Thanks again.

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    I'm looking at buying one too. Haven't found a lot of reviews on the 2014s.
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    I'm pretty interested in this same guitar as well, but there's not many on the used market yet and none of the local guitar stores have them to try. I spotted one on craigslist recently for $500, but I was too slow and missed out.

    If any of you get one, let us know what you think

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