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Thread: NGD - Japanese RG Content inside!

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    NGD - Japanese RG Content inside!

    Well, looks like I've jumped on the bandwagon as well!
    I saw this baby on eBay and bought it solely on the basis of the fact it was Japanese and it was made in the same year I was. I didn't know anything about the model series, but did some research while it was being shipped (god, customs take ages to clear anything!) and it seems like I picked up a beaut.

    She's a '92 RG470 in emerald green, all the hardware is original and while she's clearly had a few knocks is structurally sound and plays really, really well. There's a few cracks at the neck pocket, but they're all just in the finish and don't extend to the wood.

    Overall I'm really pleased, the no nonsense aesthetic is just what I like in guitars and as my first RG I now fully understand while people rave about them. If anybody has any more info about the early Japanese 470's I'd like to hear it.

    P.S. The strings it came with looked like they'd been on there since the early Precambrian, fortunately I had a spare set of 10's and it's now tuned 1/2 a step down and sounds filthy!
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    ME: '92 RG470
    MA: Brandless
    Rig: Blackstar HT-5

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    I'm thinking of fixing some of the dings on the body and have heard that super glue is the thing to use. Does anybody have any experience doing this sort of thing?

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    Wirelessly posted

    That's bleedin' lovely, gov'nor. Really dig the colour. Great guitars, from back when Ibanez were pumping out great guitars with great trems.

    I wouldn't try anything to patch up the dings. Short of refinishing it entirely, it's likely any 'fixes' would look worse than leaving it. Besides, beat up guitars have what the French call a certain....I don't know what.

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    Dude, that fucking rocks! I got an early Rg470, they're made in Japan & come with an original Edge. The two differences from the 570 are the lack of a heel cutaway & I think they have the slightly beefier Wizard II. I love that color, they made some really nice 470's!

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    Awesome guitar! Those early Japanese 470's were brilliant, basically 570's. Like Lee said, back when Ibanez used to churn out good guitars with great trems.

    And definitely leave the dings. It all adds character.

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    That thing is mint compared to some of my RG's rock the fuck out of it my man she has a million miles left before an over haul.
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    Those 470s with the Edges were great guitars. Absolute steals, price-wise. One of my first guitars was a 91 RG470.

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