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Thread: NGD Blackwater Double II

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    NGD Blackwater Double II

    More tasty NGD! Aaron makes masterful guitars and Im so happy this has finally arrived...

    It's finally here. After a long delayed delivery its finally here.

    This build has been in the works for going on 16 full months now I believe (Thanks to Watty on SSO) and I took over the build in December. Aaron has been a pleasure to talk to and so has Dan (Aghasura on SSO). After getting this guitar I'm definitely considering another build.

    I'll try to be as transparent in this review as possible so you can all get a gauge of what you can expect when you order a blackwater.

    Ordering Process/Build Time: I know Aaron has been crazy busy and hes plowing through tons of guitars and has a bunch of other work on his plate but, this process could have been handled a bit better in my opinion. Updates were pretty slow and a lot of delivery dates were not fulfilled. I'm not too bitter about this given the quality of the instrument, I'd rather a good guitar that isn't rushed. Just be prepared for a long wait time when you order a blackwater and expect slow updates unless you hound Aaron/Dan like I did

    Build Quality: Aaron does top notch work, Ive never seen a better looking quilt top in my life. Seriously killer wood choices all around and big props to Watty for picking out the Top/Fretboard. The playability of the thing is great, Im really glad I opt'd for Aarons C profile neck. I initially was going to get an endurneck profile because I enjoyed it on my old Boden but I figured Id just let Aaron do his thang. 10/10 playability.

    Theres a few minor issues in the binding, they're a bit gunky at the joints but I expected that with all white binding and a full hand custom build. Its barely noticeable. I expected the dots to be a bit wonky as most custom builds are but they're 100%. The last issue I found is a bit of what Aaron calls 'case rash' on the arm bevel, going to touch it up later next week and fix it.

    Anywho, if you have the patience or have the opportunity to purchase a blackwater I'd HIGHLY recommend it. The price and quality are just..


    It looks like theres a crack near the bolt but its actually grain figuring, thought it was pretty nifty.

    Heres the 'case rash'

    5a Quilted Maple Top
    Mahogany Body
    Rosewood/Padouka Neck
    Katalox 'Mexican Ebony' Fretboard
    Bolt on neck
    'Santana Burst'
    Schaller Hannes Bridge
    BKP VHII/Holydiver
    Shred Thy Fretboard

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    That build looks so tasty. I'm hopefully going to start doing his lacquering soon. Pretty glad to have him around me, his pickups are killer.

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    That fretboad looks ultra slick. Nice fiddle man

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    Very nice.

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    That gloss
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    Man, that is awesome.

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