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Thread: Agile Septor Elite 930 - 9 string review

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    Agile Septor Elite 930 - 9 string review

    New to the forum and wanted to start out by contributing something new. I'm a one man metal band under the name "Love of Rose". Lately, I've been wanting to do some things that my Schecter C7 can't do. So in comes this beauty:

    Agile Septor Elite 930 purchased from RondoMusic

    Yes, this is a 9 string guitar. No, I don't like Meshuggah (no hate towards those that do). I'm not a chug on the low strings kind of guy, but this guitar could serve that function. Instead, I would like to utilize this guitar for its full dynamic range. And man does it have range.

    First impression with this guitar is "that's a huge fretboard". I was worried I may not be able to deal with it effectively. Thirty minutes later it was a non issue.

    I immediately noticed the ebony fretboard gave some great tapping dynamics. Stock active Cepheus pickups have a very nice tone with a nice bite to them. You can actually get a nice bluesy tone out of them too with the right distortion.

    This guitar really stays in tune. I tuned it 3 days ago with new string and have barely needed any adjustments. This is despite the fact I've been with this guitar every spare moment.

    This is a neck through body guitar with a 30 inch scale. The body is quilted maple. It has a very nice resonance to it. The 30 inch scale really keeps the C# and F# from being to floppy. I'm really happy with deciding to go with the longer scale (They make 28" as well).

    Downsides? While I love this guitar, it is not without some issues you need to know about before getting one. Forget chording all nine strings unless you change the tuning from standard (which is E B G D A E B C# F# for inquiring minds). Pick the upper seven and mute the rest. Power chords sound great everywhere except on the F#. That string so low, it almost has to stand alone for any definition. The only reason I have any fret buzz is because the action is as low as I can go. I don't hear it through the amp, so it's a negligible concern.

    All these issues are pretty standard for 9 string guitars, but I never hear anyone voice them. It's really no problem if you are primarily a lead guitarist. Rhythm takes some getting used to, but easily doable as well.

    I hope this helpful to anyone thinking about buying a 9 string. I checked into Schecters C9, but the scale length is too short and I don't like bolt on necks. The notes are not nearly as defined as this guitar.

    If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to answer the best I can.
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    congrats man! My first foray into the +7 world was an Agile Pendulum Pro and its a great guitar. Very decent quality, great sound and good playability. You'll have a ball with this thing, enjoy it!

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    Definitely has mean look
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    The c# would throw me off.
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    They look pretty decent for the money. Congrats =)

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    Not my thing, but congrats for having the testicular fortitude for trying a 9. It looks better than the Ibanez too. Good review as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
    Not my thing, but congrats for having the testicular fortitude for trying a 9. It looks better than the Ibanez too. Good review as well.
    I second that! Congrats!

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    Nice review, and a swish looking guitar. One thing that has me curious about 9's is the ability to double up the bass. I don't suppose by any chance you've tried the top 7 in dropped A and then the 8th and 9th in E an A respectively? That's the ONLY way I could ever see me using one.


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