More RG foolishness this time a 560

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Thread: More RG foolishness this time a 560

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    More RG foolishness this time a 560

    So I decided to check out the one that was on GC's website and it turned out to be a winner (that's 2 RG's I've grabbed off of the GC sight now)
    I think this color is Grape Ice
    title should say 560 not 565
    I think a need a neck shim as the bridge is down so low in the route I can't get much pull up, but besides that.... frets look good , only one minor ding on it, the stupid pinstriping that was on there came right off. The Duncan in the bridge sounds tremendous, I'll need to check out what it is when I restring it.
    the neck pickup??? I may need more power to keep up with the duncan.
    Incredibly light guitar. Plays like butter. The trem is in really great condition.
    My only Rose Wood board.
    This has got to be it, my wife is going to shit is she starts to notice how many cases are suddenly in my basement

    funky Ibanez case it came in

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    I wish _I_ had money
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    This is one of my "guitars that got away". I saw one in a store I used to frequent, but after finally saving enough cash to get it, it was gone.

    Congrats dude.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Buy me a guitar next! :P congrats
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Looks advice...hide the case!

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    Grats man awesome guitar, it looks like a LoPro on there which would sit lower then the edge.
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    Sell the cases..
    Buy another RG.
    No need to thank me.
    I am an ideas man.
    BLOOD for the BLOOD GOAT!

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    That's not Grape Ice… it's Lipstick Red.

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