Belated NGD: Ibanez MMM1 (Heavy, with clips)

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Thread: Belated NGD: Ibanez MMM1 (Heavy, with clips)

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    Belated NGD: Ibanez MMM1 (Heavy, with clips)

    I got this guitar a little while ago but never got around to taking proper pictures and stuff. Today it was nice weather for once so I had to do something about it.
    I don't have a proper camera so my cellphone will have to do

    Mahogany body
    28" mahogany neck thru
    Rosewood board
    Jumbo frets
    Big ass gibraltar custom bridge (block goes into the body)
    Dimarzio Dominions (swapped from stock Ibanez super 58 customs)

    I found this for a reasonable price and was actually surprised by its condition.
    The guy said it had only been used slightly in the studio, but I was still a bit sceptical.
    It arrived in an amazing condition. Cosmetically.
    The bridge pickup didnt work. The neck pickup was mud city.
    No problemo though, I had a set of Dominions (crazy growly mids in this guitar) ready and waiting to be installed.
    Stringed it up with some fresh 14s and it was good to go. No other adjustments needed as it comes stock with 14s and I imagine it has been setup beforehand.

    The guitar is really heavy but it just makes it that much more fun to play because you can kinda feel it in the sound too.
    Like my SZ320MH, which is nearly identical to the MMM1 except the scale length, the neck is the best part.
    Super smooth and comfortable C shape. Not like the thinner flatter RG necks at all. Probably has like a satin oil finish on both neck and body.

    Oh right, clips! No cleans for these two, unfortunately.

    I didn't have my second monitor for this one so it's a mono effort. Sound is in stereo though don't worry.

    Here's another:

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    I had one of these a long time ago, kinda regret selling it, one of the best guitars ibanez has put out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zerodc View Post
    I had one of these a long time ago, kinda regret selling it, one of the best guitars ibanez has put out.
    Fuck how good it is. It's so un-Ibanez that I can't help but to hate it.

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    Where do you live? Beautiful scenery, and nice guitar too
    Just a speck in the spectrum

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    So jealous, congrats! I hate playing signature guitars but these things are so damned sexy and play so well I may see if I can track one down. Those bridges are awesome, kinda like the old Gibson harmonica bridges but more solid.
    "I'm afraid of new guitars. They're too shiny, I can't play them or take them anywhere. They might get damaged!"

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    Urgh, I hate you... Always wanted one of these...

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    Those are really nice guitars. That whole range was pretty awesome which is a shame since Ibanez decided to kill it off. I'd love on of the prestige models aside from them breaking my tiny body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. S View Post
    Urgh, I hate you... Always wanted one of these...
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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