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Thread: The non-RG/S-series Ibanez thread

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    The non-RG/S-series Ibanez thread

    Seems a bit of an odd concept for a thread, granted, but I have to admit that despite having a love/hate relationship with Ibanez over the years, I do fucking love their lesser known models. Especially some of the old school discontinued stuff.

    They've got a pretty gnarly history and, since I'm becoming more of a jaded hipster curmudgeon these days, favouring obscure short scale hardtails, Ibanez have some fucking cool guitars in their archives that aren't typical RG's or S-series regurgitations!

    Chief among which, at least for me at the moment, the Iceman!

    (mine on the left, Mr.S' on the right)

    I fucking love this thing. I play everything on it from the groovy grungy hard rock stuff in my originals band, to Lamb of God and Testament in the covers band, and it does it all comfortably and convincingly! It's got the stupidly low action and smooth playability of a super strat, but packaged in a short-scale classic-looking tone monster.

    I really dug the look of the Darkstone series stuff too...

    ... but that line never really seemed to take off Discontinued it pretty swiftly.

    Anyway, what are some of your favourites from the more 'obscure' Ibanez range?
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    I really want a late 70s tobacco burst Iceman.

    I've had three X series Destroyers. They all fucking sucked, but I will always buy them if I see them come up on ebay because that was the first guitar shape I ever thought was cool. If I *ever* found one that didn't have the shittiest string spacing/neck width ratio I could die happy. The low E is always like, off the edge of the fretboard, it's disgraceful. This wasn't one guitar either, the entire piece of shit (original 80s) X series has this issue. All 3 I have had displayed it (as well as quality being lackluster in other areas) and you can even see it in their fucking catalog pictures.

    Pisses me off to no end, because other than the fact they sound like ass, I love the shape.

    This was the last one I had, the ones before were a black DT-250 and a red DT-350.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Cue Leon and Darren talking about the talisman.
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    Speaking of Leon,

    This V, Played on at a GC wish I could have gotten it:

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    Damn thats hot though

    EDIT: And the Iceman is one of the most ridiculous shapes ever made....and not in a good way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    I think that was one of the first guitars I ever properly wanted, too, after seeing it in the liner for Sepultura's Schizophrenia (which I had on cassette, not CD \m/).

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    Roadstar II. Fucking love mine, and would suggest any Edge equipped Roadstar II to anyone who doesn't get along with the paper thin Wizard neck. Fantastic feeling guitars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassidy View Post
    I think that was one of the first guitars I ever properly wanted, too, after seeing it in the liner for Sepultura's Schizophrenia.

    Yeah, they pop up all over late 80s/early 90s extreme metal. Entombed's Left Hand Path and Clandestine were also recorded on one, and if you like really nasty 90s DM tones, those are regarded as legendary albums in the category. I actually sold one of my first two ones to the original singer (not even the one who appeared on Left Hand Path and Clandestine, the dude who appeared on one EP ) from Entombed on ebay. He bought it to recapture the glory of the old days or something.

    The most bizarre one is the red one with the matching dyed fretboard and it's subsequent appearance in a Tina Turner music video for a tie in single to Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome.

    [VIDEO]]Tina Turner One Of The Living - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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