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Thread: Premier Guitar's Rig Rundown

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    Premier Guitar's Rig Rundown

    [VIDEO]]Rig Rundown - Counting Crows' Dave Bryson - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Well they got another hot chick to replace Rebecca Dirks.
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    People care about the Counting Crows dude's rig?

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    I'll watch it..

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    I do like a Premier Guitar hot chick. Tis true.

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    She is horrible and not all that cute. The guy she interviewed is about as exciting as spiral bound notebook too. They seem to believe they *need* a hot chick to do the job or something. The one guy that did the last couple was good enough. He is a bit of a tool/fanboi with some of the people he has interviewed, but at least he has knowledge to ask the right questions.

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    I don't think I should blame her honestly. Premiere Guitar's process in interviewing gear rundowns has taken a plunge after rebecca dirks and other editors either left the company or were taken off from doing rig rundowns.

    Now they have other bozo's on there that are just ruining what made the gear rundowns awesome.

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