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Thread: Not so NGD: 1988 Yamaha RGX-1212A

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    Not so NGD: 1988 Yamaha RGX-1212A

    This one is an absolute beater that I got for peanuts, but back in 1988 it was pretty much the most expensive guitar that Yamaha made. That shows in the extremely high quality of the fretwork and the good tonewoods--5-piece maple/mahogany laminate neckthru, with mahogany wings and ebony board). It's a 24.75" scale superstrat, and 1988 was the last year before Yamaha went to 25.5 with their RGX series.

    The downside with vintage Yamahas is the proprietary hardware. It was all good quality, but it's next to impossible to replace now and wears out like anything else. A previous owner replaced the "Rockin' Magic" trem with an OFR in a professionally done installation. Unfortunately, they left the Yamaha locknut, which doesn't grip the low E and A strings tightly enough anymore and isn't directly compatible with a Floyd nut. As such, the guitar came to me with the Floyd blocked, and I've left it that way.

    This guitar seriously plays and sounds as good as anything I own, and if I could get the trem tuning to be solid, I'd probably be selling off a lot more stuff. I recommend this model highly, if you can find one with the fussy hardware intact and in good shape.

    I've also got to have the guy at Action Music look at the wiring. Someone kludged the connections on the middle pickup switch, and it's inoperative. I think they just wired it up wrong, but the wiring scheme on these actives is SERIOUSLY COMPLEX. The bridge pickup sounds very good, though, so I'd like to leave in the electronics.

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    that looks awesome dude

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