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Thread: NGD: My first with an Edge Zero 2...

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    NGD: My first with an Edge Zero 2...

    Been avoiding the ZPS like plague but I got this at a criminal price so I jumped on it...

    Ibanez 2XXV, the non Premium 25th anniversary models.

    I wanted to give it a Jem throwback vibe. Pink Dimarzios Evolution Neck, FS1 middle, Evo2 Bridge, pink selector and yellow knobs. Unfortunately 2 drawbacks occurred:

    The store couldn't get me the yellow strat knobs on time, so they've put those pink ones instead temporarily until they get the yellow ones. One of the guys in the store said that Dimarzio have discontinued certain coloured strat knobs... but I don't believe a word of it. Either way...

    They've put the Evolution 1 bridge instead of the Evo2, so that's another one to exchange. Unfortunately, getting pink pickups to Melbourne may take some time, so that'll be a while.

    Minor quibbles aside, the guitar is pretty sweet overall. It's also the heaviest RG I own, seriously this chunk of basswood is ridiculous, which is good as the thing is acoustically loud. The real test is going to be the EZ2 bridge. Most players ditch the ZPS, but I've specifically kept it on. I wanted it to have a different feel. And yes, I'm not gonna be nice to the trem at all. I'll be treating it the same way Chris Brown treats women.

    Wish me luck!

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    I really like the ZPS terms they stay in tune if you break a string, you can still push or pull on the thing. The only thing for me is it just doesn't feel loose like a true floater.
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    I was gonna ditch the ZPS on my RG Premium before id even give it a chance but now i absolutely love the thing.

    ANd thats a nice guitar! One came up on facebook pretty cheap a week or so ago and it was so hard to resist!.

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    I don't like that ZPS too much. It certainly does the job ok, but it feels a little cheap, and the fine tuners don't turn nearly as well as an Edge.LPE or OFR. But I don't have the most exacting standards, and I've had two guitars with that trem now.

    Rest of the guitar is supremo badass, though.

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    I have the Edge Zero 2 and ZPS on a Premium 7-string and have had no problem with the trem system so far, I might be the only one, but I like it
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    That is way awesome. Rub your balls all over it.

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    Cheers fellas.

    Ok after a few days spending with the EZII:

    Things I like:

    - It's SMOOTH. It may be caused by the stiffness of the ZPS, which makes this the stiffest trem unit I own, but I like the smooth travel during dives and pull-ups, almost like a pitch wheel on a keyboard. Kinda feels like a solid non locking strat style trem. It's actually cool for Jeff Beck style antics (I'm in a bit of a Jeff Beck marathon phase so naturally I tested Where Were You on this). I can see now why most players remove the ZPS though. I suppose I could as well to make it even closer to my other RGs, but to me it defeats the purpose of owning an EZ. So I'll leave it on for now.

    - The pitch wheel. Awesome feature especially during setup where you have to adjust the bridge angle. I'll be tuning this to D Standard so this makes it easier.

    - Locking studs. Awesome as I'm used to trems with them. Probably better if I took the ZPS off, so for now it's kinda moot.

    - It's better than the Edge III (not saying much).

    Things I didn't like:

    - You can't flutter well... or at all. The way the guitar looks, naturally you want to 'Vai' the crap out of the trem. And I certainly did. Ok, it can take some substantial abuse and stay in tune, but fluttering is almost non existent due to the stiffness caused by the ZPS. I suppose it's a win-some-lose-some affair, and it's an interesting way for me to restrain myself from the bar every now and then.

    - Fine tuners suck. Agreed with Cassidy on that end. It's awkward to turn, almost feels like an Edge III.

    - The trem arm torque wears out. Reminds me of the Korean FR units that used on the new Charvel Pro Mods. It's not too major of a problem yet.

    - The sustain block is tiny thanks to the ZPS. I'm used to a nice big block, (the brass block on my Gotoh Floyds), but it's not a major issue yet. I guess I can always upgrade to those brass blocks.

    Overall it's not too bad. I have enough Floyd/Edge guitars so I'm gonna keep this as is for it's unique merits. I mean, it's not like I have a choice to replace this thanks to it's rather exclusive routing...

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    That is way awesome. Rub your balls all over it.
    I'll do just that while playing this song just for you.

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