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    NGD BC Rich Warlock

    I got this guitar about a few weeks ago, but I never made a thread for it. It's a 1990 Nagoya Japan guitar, but I might be wrong. I'll post a video soon.

    (I know this a bad picture, I might take another one later)

    These knobs probably aren't stock...

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    Nice man. And No, those are not stock. Only instrument those came stock on where the Dean Metal Man basses

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    If that guitar is really from 1990, it predates the existence of those knobs.

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    That one is a bit after the Nagoya ones. Only the very first NJ's with the BC Rico logo or the logo below(same as the Rico's, but with Rich instead) were made there. Still not a bad axe by any means.

    RHLC East Coast President

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    Nice guitar! Here's my 1984 NJ for reference:

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    impressive mullet, cool guitar also.

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    Oooh that means I gave my brother a Nagoya bc rich bitch has the exact same headstock as the one above

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    Quote Originally Posted by kosta View Post
    impressive mullet, cool guitar also.
    I work hard to keep it in shape.

    The Serial of the guitar is F901098, I thought the 90 meant it was made in 1990. Either way, it's a really good guitar. I'll have to look into the serial again later...

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