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Thread: NGD Seven string Blackat Leon S7

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    NGD Seven string Blackat Leon S7

    Hi all,

    the NGD has been a week ago, but I wouldn't dare to keep this porn from you guys.

    It's a Blackat Leon S7. For those of you who never heard of Blackat: Thomasz -founder of Blackat guitars, who used to build bases at Warwick- teamed up with Jarek, a former Mayones master builder.

    Ash body, burled polar top, rosewood & ebony neck, macassar ebony fretboard, Luminlays, graphtech ghost piezo and blackhawks.

    Let's get to the porn itself:

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    The back of that neck is my favorite part of the guitar.
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    I think Tomasz from Blackat used to work for Warwick if I am correct. I don't recall him building for Mayones, nor being a master builder. He does make some nice looking guitars though. The guitar I ordered from him is hanging out in customs right now, so maybe I'll get it in a month or so. Nice looking guitar by the way.

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    I'd love to get my hands on a Blackat. Grats on the score it's beautiful.
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    Well, that's great looking.

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