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Thread: NGD: Gibson SG

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    NGD: Gibson SG

    I snagged this on year-end blow-out. It's solid as fuck and plays really well.
    Not entirely sure about the '61 zebras, but that's nothing a brushed nickel Duncan Custom/Pearly Gates combo can't fix.

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    You have the tastiest Gibby's. I can't even knock you for owning them.

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    was thinking about buying one of these back in the spring, they play so smooth, mm, congrats man!

    Fireburst too
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    Damn bro, you've been on a tear lately. We need an updated family shot!

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    That's an awesome finish. Congrats.

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    Wirelessly posted ()

    Those SGJ and LPJ models are awesome guitars for the money. I dig the finish on that one.
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    Ryan is now fully in the old man camp

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    Wow that looks really nice!

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