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Thread: [NGD] I'm such a FANBOY

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    [NGD] I'm such a FANBOY

    Yeah yeah... I know im suppose to find my own thing but im so easily impressionable and this is my 4-th Signature after the M80M, Gibson Buckethead and Trivium Epiphone. Before you point a finger at the fanboy I also got some other stuff that is not signature :>

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4s8m3u3JyM&list=UUoNwh7rzZvX6hUb-tArSHPg]Avenged Sevenfold - Chapter Four (Guitar Cover) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Schecter Synyster Custom S

    Lets see: South Korea - nicely built, solid feel, fretwork is good, decent setup but I will take it to my tech anyway to put lighter strings and set it properly for them.
    The Sustainiac is such fun to play with. It gives you so many options but at the same time its a bit hard to control it... it will take some practice.
    Got it for 1300$ from Turkey + 150$ for the SGR case that came a little bent and was not closing properly so its on the way back from repairs.
    I love the bridge SD Invader it sounds absolutely massive and the harmonics fly off it as mad!

    About the Floyd Rose 1000 to be honest I had some problems with it before on an LTD Eclipse EC-1000FR - I just could find a damn place to rest my hand on it... I guess that stop tails and Gibson bridges are the one for me but am still fighting this. I just bump into the fine tuners every time I reach for the sustainiac/volume/tone/3-way switch. I really prefer the Edge-Zero bridge on most Ibbys, because the profile is lower and it doesn't get in the way.

    The feel of the guitar is very similar to the one I get from my Epiphone Matt Heafy Signature. Same dark mahogany + ebony finish and good access to the higher frets but the Heafy is 22, and this is 24 frets. So even it is 24 it feels shorter but is 25,5 scale length. Its a bit uncomfortable.
    All of the above I dont consider as flaws its just a personal preference. I feel more comfortable with my RG2550Z Ibby...

    But since I am a huge fanboy I will keep this and use it for tributes one day

    Oh yeah here are some pics... Almost forgot... NOT

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    I like the pickups....

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    I don't care what anyone says, those guitars are solid as fuck.
    Also, nothing wrong with having signature guitars. If I get my way, at some point I'll have pair of K7's and an Apex 1 as well as my 100


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    Nice score man!

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    ME: Gibson Silverburst
    MB: KD Equilibrium 5
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    Thanks guys!

    Ola, I'm still itching to get my hands on one of your Evertune 7 string signatures. :>

    Also... our avatars look like two dogs are having an awkward conversation

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    If a sig model has the features YOU want I don't see the fuss about them.

    If the specs work for someone who gigs and records on a pretty regular basis, chances are the specs will have been chosen for a reason (unless its the bottom end of the range and its all generic hardware etc).

    I wouldn't not get a guitar that fit the bill because it had some dudes name on it. Unless its a sig for someone you REALLY wouldn't want to be associated with. Like Gary Glitter or something.

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    Congrats on the guitar! I've always wondered how those different shaped guitars "feel" when you hold them. Never saw one of these in person so never got to try them out.

    And don't worry about if it's a signature or not - it's your money so if you like it, that's all that matters. I just got my Schecter Loomis last week and I love it (well, the 2 minutes that I've had it out of the case - I'm still hiding it from my wife). So I like sigs too.

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    MB: KD Equilibrium 5
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