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    NGD: Another Project

    So a couple of months ago I joined a new band, playing mostly weddings at weekends. Soon we're gonna start playing pubs during the week, classic rock covers and the like, because it's fun.
    Anyway, I figured I could use a good Les Paul type guitar for these gigs, at least as a backup for my PRS SE. I do already have an Epi Goldtop, but the P90s are kinda prone to screeching feedback, I could just stick some noiseless P90s in but alternatively I could just go buy another guitar, and that's much more fun, so I went on to ebay to just have a look. Came across this one and it looked like it had some mojo so I stuck a bid in, won, and went and collected it yesterday. It's definitely a fixer upper but it should be good when it's done.
    TL;DR I bought a new guitar, it is old, it needs fixing. Here it is.

    So it's an Ibanez 2350 (I think), my best guess would be that it was made around '73-'75, the earlier ones had rounded off fretboards, the later ones changed the headstock shape after the Gibson lawsuit. It's pre serial number so can't be any more precise than that. It's quite light, probably due to the construction - it appears to be a mahogany sandwich, with a ply front and back. They actually bent the ply into shape before gluing it to the body rather than carve it, due to this a lot of the top is hollow due to the construction. I've heard good things about the tone of these though so hopefully it will sound good!
    As far as the finished thing goes, I'm thinking LP Black Beauty, black with gold hardware. Guy who I bought it off said that it was black before, and the hardware I have with it used to be gold, but most of the gold plate has worn off. Probably gonna keep it looking a bit old, don't fancy fixing the binding so I'll probably rough up the finish once I've done it, and get aged or age any new hardware. Thinking of getting a gold gibson style split diamond decal for the headstock which will nicely finish that off, sand and tung oil the neck. Was gonna dye the fretboard but the rosewood is dark already and has a nice figure so I don't think I could bring myself to ruining it.
    Can't make my mind up about pickups though, gonna be playing 70s/80s rock on this when I'm done, not sure whether to go for a PAF clone or something a bit hotter. Didn't come with any pickups which is a shame, but the Super 70 pickups that came stock are getting a bit sought after now. There is a guy who does Super 70 clones so I could go with those. I'm not sure though, what do you guys think?

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    Sweet find dude!

    Pickup wise, I'd be tempted to have a chat with Ash Lockyer of Oil City Pickups as he might have a few things that fit the bill, or can wind something appropriate if not. His prices are pretty reasonable too!

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    Very nice! I'd put a set of Ibanez Super 58s in that.

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    That's fucking awesome. I'd slap a set of EVOs in it.

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    No shit, interesting.
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    Awesome, man. That looks like a very fun project.

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    Awesome find dude! I'd put a set of Rebel yells in it.

    or the Slash Alnico II's
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    I'd go Black Dog and VHII personally.
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