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Thread: NGD: 1998 Washburn Culprit

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    NGD: 1998 Washburn Culprit

    Hey guys I just joined and posted in the new member area so I figured I'd post my new baby. I'm in love lol. What we have here in case you aren't to familiar is a 1998 Washburn Culprit, a kind of sort of Dimebag signature. From what I read its pretty rare to come across one, especially the red ones, although not very expensive when you do. I found this little baby on the Guitar Center used site.

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    Welcome I know a lot of folks think the culprit is gawdy but I think they look killer. Nice axe man.

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    I used to love the culprit back in the day when they first came out.
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    That's nice, congrats. I should keep a closer eye on GC's used stuff.

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    Yep, if my 14 year old brother doesn't like it, I know there are plenty others that don't as well. Nice little explorer on roids or crack whatever you prefer lol.

    Thanks guys.

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    Nice! It even has a hook.

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    Welcome to the forum dude, your guitar is though, is
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    Score! I really wanted a Culprit back in the day actually, which is suprising considering it's really not my kind of guitar at all. I probably wanted one because of the whole Dime association but I could never find one back in the day over on these shores. You don't see them in red too often either!

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