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Thread: NGD: 1997 UV7BK

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    ME: '97 UV7BK/S7420FM
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    NGD: 1997 UV7BK

    So I just acquired this beast from Ryan.

    I used to own one like 5 years ago, and I always regretted selling it!

    Ibanez family shot.

    And since I blew up my Orange combo, I went out and picked up one of these.

    Quick clip:

    And for good measure, me and Ryan jamming some old school Meshuggah.
    [VIDEO]]dyscube and shredenbacher jam Ritual by Meshuggah - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Awesome dude, your collection is mighty fine

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    Nice man

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    So much win in one room! \m/
    The attack sounds super tight in that vid man. Was that the Blackstar?

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    Join Date: Oct 2008
    Location: VIC, Australia
    ME: '97 UV7BK/S7420FM
    Rig: Blackstar ID40

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    Yeah man, that was the Blackstar. I'm having so much fun jamming on it.
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    Great addition to the collection! Would love to try one.

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