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Thread: NGD - Caparison Angelus 7 M3B (vid inside)

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    NGD - Caparison Angelus 7 M3B (vid inside)

    As promised, here's the NGD thread for my Angelus 7 M3B. This is the very same guitar I tried out at NAMM and I was pretty impressed then, even in rather suboptimal testing condition. So first off, piccage and vid, and then details and blah blah.

    [VIDEO]]Fred Brum - Caparison Angelus 7 M3B demo - Ryujin - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Now for the specs and general impressions...


    Model Name: Angelus7-M3B

    Body Shape: Angelus
    Top: Maple (Arched Top)
    Back: Mahogany / Maple / Mahogany
    Bridge: TonePros TP7-B
    Tailpiece: Through Body Stringing

    Neck Joint: Set-In
    Neck Material: Maple
    Neck Grip: Angelus7
    Fingerboard Material: Ebony with Ivory Binding
    Fingerboard Radius: R350 to R400
    Scale Length: 628mm (24 3/4")
    Nut Width: 49mm
    No. Of Frets: 24
    Fret Type: Jumbo
    Nut: Graph Tech Black TUSQ
    Position Inlay: Oval Inlay

    Headstock: Angelus7 with Ivory Binding
    Head Angle: 15 Degrees
    Machine Heads: Gotoh SG381-07 MG-T

    Neck Pickup: Caparison PH7-n
    Bridge Pickup: Caparison PH7-b
    Controls: Master Volume (CTS 500kΩ A),
    Swith: Schaller Mega Switch Model M (5-Way Lever Switch)

    Head Top: Pro. Black
    Neck Finish: Body Colour (Gloss)
    Body Finish: White (Gloss)
    Hardware: TonePros Metalic Black

    Specs are, as one can easily conclude, Caparison's own take on making a shorter scale 7 that works. So much in fact that I only realized it is a 24,75" scale a couple days ago as the tension felt just right (it does explain slightly less effort when performing stretchier licks, though).

    Tonally, she's both defined and thick. In a way, the tonal signature isn't too far from that of the B7 I owned, where you'd have all the sharpness you'd need to the attack followed by a thick, authoritative tone that retained clarity. There's a wealth of room for intonation available should one wish to go with heavier strings / downtune, which reveals a good thought process. This means that peeps tuning up with rather light strings may be in a bit of a pickle, however, but as far as I am (and most likely 99% of people are) concerned, this will never constitute a problem.

    Set up was, as expected, great, and in typical Capa fare, it's impeccably built and finished. These guys take pride in their perfectionism, and it shows. There is not one thing that is below "flawless" here, and the thing proved itself instantly as I recorded a mini-vid with it upon unboxing, shoved it back in the back, flew to NYC, played it there, flew back home, all this with no time to settle, and the neck on this thing never even budged. I did tweak the truss rod since I prefer a tad of relief. It stayed there since.

    Long story short - I didn't change camp to Caparison due to promises of signature models as today's approach seems to have taken a liking for, or loads of freebies, or whatever "join us and make moneyz and get tons of stuff to flip" is fashionable these days. I did so because of very pleasurable first hand experience, a fortunate investment from the guys in ERGs and no compromise in quality. This thing is a representation of just that. Period.

    As a side note, if you're interested in demos of Capas from me, please do bare in mind only my personal guitars' NGD's make it to the main instrument sections, so you'll find commissioned demos in the Dealers Section.

    Soz for the wall of text and I hope you guys enjoy!

    PS - Lyle is complete and utter crap.
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    Awesome guitar dude. I dig your stuff.

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    That clip is so cool, man!

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    Yeah well done man.
    You guys on this forum embarrass me on guitar lol
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    Wirelessly posted

    That is a gorgeous guitar. Damn.
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    Very nice. I just got my first Angelus the other day and I totally understand what you mean about the immediate comfort in playing and the shorter scale somehow feeling like it's got enough tension for lower tunings. That Itaru and co make some awesome guitars.
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