Henry J flips the fuck out when a worker asks for a day off

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Thread: Henry J flips the fuck out when a worker asks for a day off

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    Henry J flips the fuck out when a worker asks for a day off

    Gibson Guitar CEO Gets ENRAGED If Someone Asks For a Day Off

    Subject: RE: Personal Day-Thanksgiving Approval requested


    I do not allow leaders to be absent the days before and after a holiday. I had asked Tom to make it clear, but apparently people have not understood or the communication was not clear.

    You cannot take long weekends or long holidays unless there are special circumstances. You are leaders and these are work days. During work our leaders need to be there doing their jobs. Taking time off when other people cannot do so or causing insufficient staff during working periods shows a lack of responsibility and consideration for all that depend on our business to be there for them.

    Henceforth vacations must be taken for a minimum of one week and must be scheduled well in advance. I will expect a vacation calendar from my direct reports for an entire year.

    I will turn down all requests for long weekends and for periods of less than 5 contiguous days without special circumstances.

    I also do not believe it is appropriate for a request of this kind is to be shared with others. This suggests where you are coming from [employee name]. I also do not appreciate being lied to about being ill so you can game the system to get what you want [employee name]. As soon as I return from my travels, I will schedule a private conversation about this.

    I have counted on the personal integrity of people working with me and have refrained from putting in place a rigorous oversight system. I have asked our HR department to oversee this activity on a spot basis which they have not followed through on. The result is I am seeing a continued decline in decorum, a deterioration in discipline in terms of appropriate attire, coming and going on time and other issues that do not belong in a professional situation with executives that are supposed to be examples of appropriate behavior.

    It is not alright to leave early Friday afternoon or arrive late on Monday morning. It is not alright to take extended lunches. The list of unprofessional behavior goes on.

    We will be implementing HR policies that were developed at Philips and we have appointed [person] as our global head of Human Resources. These new policies will be promulgated throughout our group of companies and these will be enforced strongly. I will take the time to review these new policies with the people that report to me directly.

    I will schedule a private meeting with you [employee name].


    Henry E. Juszkiewicz

    CEO – Gibson Brands, Inc.
    What an asshole. I bet running HR for Gibson is a nightmare.
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    As much as I love the guitars, I can confirm that Gibson is absolutely the worst place in the USA to work.
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    Wirelessly posted (Wondernuts)

    I bet owning a gibson is almost as bad.
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    Wirelessly posted

    Hm. 5 day vacation minimum - for execs or everyone? Is that legal?
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    It seems from some of the old timers that I've worked with having a 1/2 on a holiday was something special.

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    I will schedule a private meeting with you... as soon as I get back from vacation!

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    I do not allow leaders to be absent the days before and after a holiday.
    Associated Press photo of Henry E. Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Brands, Inc:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    I bet running HR for Gibson is a nightmare.
    Actually, it sounds pretty easy.

    Gibson HR Manual, Page 1: The answer to everything is no.

    Employee: Can I have the day off?

    HR: No.

    Henry J: Do you guys mind if I take Friday off?

    HR: No.

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