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Thread: NGD: Washburn USA Custom Shop Solar 6DLXC

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    NGD: Washburn USA Custom Shop Solar 6DLXC

    Hey All! My first NGD as a member!

    This is my brand new Washburn USA Custom Shop Solar 6DLXC.

    I ordered this in late august and it just came in last week.

    I only made one modification to the basic spec's Ola designed, I removed the tone knob! Other than that I requested stainless steel frets which I was told were already a standard feature.

    So, let me say this is not a pretty guitar in comparison to some of those exotic wood tops, but its not trying to be nor does it want to. This is a black metal machine! Clean white lines adn jet black satin.

    Firstly, this is my first high end guitar and the first thing that stood out to me was the setup and the fret board. This guitar plays like no other i have played. The finger board is so smooth and precise. I instantly felt my play improved.

    Next the Evertune bridge! I will admit i had a hard time with getting to know this bridge, but once I did omg i was amazed at the way it held tune. I haven't retuned since receiving it. I also want to note the intonation is perfect at every fret on the board.

    The pickups were a nice choice by Ola. I found them to be dynamic, open and just the rite amount of grit and heat. Not too hot not to vintage. You can get really nice clean tones at all 5 positions of the super switch.

    There really isnt anything I dislike about this guitar. The neck is perfect it is a little fatter than an Ibanez neck but not too fat.

    The one thing I wasn't happy about was the 5 way switch. It doesn't click into each of the positions. Its kinda mushy and when you switch your not sure if its in the right spot. So I just purchased another switch, a Dimarzio, hopefully that will click nice and crisp.

    I posted this over at 7string and got a few questions as to what are the major differences between this and the production Solar 16DLXC.

    So I figured I would answer with my observations. First the binding is pure white and not creamy white as on the 16dlxc. Also, the paint on the custom is jet black where as the 16dlxc is greyish black.

    Mine came with Sperzel locking tuners I believe the 16dlxc comes with Grover tuners.

    Lastly, I I would say the set up from the custom shop and the stainless steel frets.

    I really want to express my happines with this guitar. Its my first Washburn and I am impressed. Also lead time was only 2 months.


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    Killer axe man.

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    Very nice man. Looks like a great guitar.

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    That looks awesome man.

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    Great guitar! Who is this Ola guy? He designs some nice guitars.
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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    Congrats bro! I really love these axes!

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    Thanks everyone! Plays amazing!

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    Happy NGD! Those look amazing. I played the 16 and you're right about the pickups. For cleans they sound lush in every position.

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