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    DBZ Guitars?

    Well, it was refreshing to walk into a mom and pop music shop yesterday and be thoroughly impressed with the atmosphere.

    They didn't really have much top of the line stuff, but everything I looked at was fresh and set up properly. Spanking new strings, everything looked nice, and they carried lines that you could tell they were proud of. It was a musician's music store, and until yesterday I thought those were obsolete. I could tell just by the little things, like some of the products that you just don't see in the main stream anymore.

    Which leads me to DBZ guitars. Until yesterday I haven't even heard of them. Now I wasn't blown away by them, but I was impressed by the amount of guitar you get for the price. That coupled with the way these were taken care of made for one of the more enjoyable music store experiences I've had in quite a while by a long shot.

    This is the model that I played:

    The only reason I even picked it up was because I was astounded by how thin it was. We're talking less than an inch thick. I played it acoustically for a few seconds and it really resonated surprisingly well for being so thin, so I had to plug it in.

    I don't know if they were "real" Duncans, but they sounded pretty good. It played very well. The only issue I'd say I had was the toggle felt kind of cheap.

    So I guess these are Korean made, and it's a faux top. Other than that, nothing really jumped out at me from a QC standpoint, and I thought it was a pretty good amount of guitar for the money.

    Would I buy one? I don't really know, this type of stuff isn't really my thing, but I was pretty impressed and these days that's pretty hard to do.

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    Yeah, those are freakishly thin and have an interesting V-shaped neck profile. It's like if a 335 had a threesome with an Ibanez Saber and a Clapton Strat. Very interesting guitars.
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    For a while i wanted to try their bird of prey which i think looks pretty awesome but i ended up just forgetting about them.

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