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    Well, this is...

    ...more metal than you:

    Jackson Warrior USA 1991 | eBay

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    I don't like crazy ass shapes, but that thing looks fucking killer!
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    I've been wanting a proper Warrior (slant pickups, fretboard edge) forever now and was going to message up this dude and see if he would work on price a little. But for three things:

    -If my '89 Student was any indication, the early Eerie Dess/Coral Sea (this is Coral Sea I guess, but the two are very close) finishes are thick as fuck and the tone of the guitar suffers. The layer of foil they use makes them sound kind of dead and lifeless.

    -The early Eerie Dess style finishes chip like fuck. You chip it in one spot and it will flake from that point out.

    -Item location is unfortunately a place I would never make a serious purchase from comrades. Not secure enough.

    I would kill for one of the desert yellow Pros though. Some of the coolest guitars ever.

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    Price isn't bad on that, actually. The Russia thing is a bit of an issue. Not that I have the money, anyway.

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    Wirelessly posted (Wondernuts)

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    I love the way those pickups are angled.

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