NGD - Carvin V220 #4 (of an ongoing series)

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Thread: NGD - Carvin V220 #4 (of an ongoing series)

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    NGD - Carvin V220 #4 (of an ongoing series)

    Well, here we are finally. A long journey & several Carvins later we are at the top of the mountain...or in this case...VOLCANO due to the lovely new lava red color!

    Color notwithstanding, it's cold here in Virginia so took some quick pics & will let her warm up before serious shredding.

    Floyd w/ locking nut
    Black limba neck & body (dark & streaky)
    Clear gloss body
    Deep Lava Quilt Top (done by Jeff Kiesel)
    Neck covered by top wood
    5 piece neck black limba/white limba stripes
    Clear satin back of neck
    Reverse pointy headstock
    Quilted headstock matches finish
    Ebony board (streaky)
    No inlays (just how I like it)
    GOLD med-jumbo frets
    14 inch radius
    M22SD Bridge / M22N neck black pickups
    Gold hardware
    Large white Carvin logo
    Jack inside the V body

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    Sweet collection. I'm loving the streaky ebony.

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    that is all

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    Hot stuff. Very hot. Nice collection too.

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    Gorgeous. I really wanted a white V220 back when I was a teenager. The 3+3 "v" headstock is the only one that looks right on that for me.

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    I really like the finish but not a huge fan of those shapes

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    That is awesome. I really like that shape. It's like the comfortable destroyer.

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