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Thread: Down-tuning gauges help wanted!

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    Down-tuning gauges help wanted!

    Ok, I've been playing Addario's EXL116 Medium Top/Heavy Bottom (11 14 18 30 42 52) hybrids for a long time in E standard. I plan of tuning one of my guitars to B for some doom-ish sludgery...

    Which set of strings should I get for a similar feel and tension? Please point me towards something, before I spend a ton of money on string sets I end up not using...

    Any and all input welcome. Thanks in advance.

    Edit: 25-1/2" scale lenght super-strat
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    Try the Elixir baritone set, 12-68 should suit your preferences well and it's widely available

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    if you want to tune to B just use whatever you are comfortable with in E standard and take the highest string out. Add in something like a 68 if you are using a 52 for E.

    I tune to B and use 12 16 24 34 46 60 - I like 'skinny top heavy bottom' feel.

    I find the baritone string sets other than the 13 - 62 daddario set to be horribly unbalanced as you usually get given something like a 56 for the E string which to me, is insanity.
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    Thanks for posting.

    Yes, the Elixir baritones 12/16/22/38/52/68 do look great "in theory"...

    I like that hybrid skinny/medium top feeling too.

    I might get a set to try them out. What else is out there in worth checking? As set, not as singles.

    Anyone tried the GHS Boomers Heavyweight Low Tunes (11/14/18/36/52/70)? What do you think of these?

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    Wirelessly posted (Wondernuts)

    I use 13-62 daddarios for B standard and 14-68 for drop A# both on 27 inch baritones. The 11-70 set feels like shit, I tried them a few years back. The high end feels like rubber bands and that makes the low end feel even more like rebar with the 70 feeling like a girder.
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    Check out Online Guitar Strings and Accessories - they have a baritone set section. Not sure if they will deliver to Portugal but it will show you whats available.

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    For B standard on a 25.5", I like using the 7 string Power Slinky without the high E. Although if I had the choice, I'd probably rather a 60 to the 58 on the B. Also, I just recently tried replacing the F# with a 20 wound thereby only having 1 plain string. Sounds strange but I think I like it.

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    Hey guys, thanks a lot for your input!

    I've decided to order a set of Elixir Baritones (12-68) and a set of DAddarios Baritone Lights (13-62), to find out which ones I like the most. I'll keep you posted!

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