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    Very Cold NGD (20 pictures)

    Hello MG posters, Iíd like to show you my newest acquisition, the Ibanez IC507. Ever since they released these in Ď13 Iíve wanted to get my hands on one. I bought this used through a Guitar Center in New Hampshire & had it sent to my local GC. This is a birthday present I bought for myself.

    I like to go as in depth as possible so skip to the photos if you want to.

    I know there are folks out there that donít have the greatest opinion of GC (hellÖthereís a thread on that subject on here), but my local GC has always treated me well. This time was no exception. After inspecting the guitar and playing it a bit at the shop I took it home.

    Since I prefer my humble little rig at home I played with the old strings tuned to A for a bit. I was amazed how lout yet evenly voiced the D Activators are. Theyíre a whole different animal from the SD Pegasus & Sentient I put in my Schecter Gryphon 7 not too long ago. Plus the Iceman has such an amazing sound for such a strange & unique shape. After playing I put my tongue back into my mouth and got right to work on it.

    First thing I always do is oil the board.

    The nut is decent enough for a plastic one. Perhaps a nut change will be in store for the future but Iíd have to be in a very adventurous mood to try that.

    ^Now thatís what I like to see.

    Here are a couple control cavity picks just for the hell of it.

    When I put on the new strings & lowered the action some of the notes became dead (which I know can be normal). So a spot-fret level was in order.

    I love these string spreaders from StewMac. I wish I had these years ago.

    There are a few spots that still need work but itís much better than it was so Iím satisfied. Here it is ready to go.

    With the exception of the dead spots that came from lowering the action, the frets were done pretty well. No sharp edges at all. The medium frets are interestingÖdefinitely different than what Iím used to (and thatís a good thing).

    The neck has some girth to it but I still enjoy it. I think itís technically the same size as some Schecters but it doesnít feel as slow. It adds to the overall solid feeling of the guitar and this thing feels solid as hell. High fret access could be better but Iím no shredder. I actually donít mind the heel when I play my sad little leads.

    The flatness of the fret board was quite a shock. For some reason I thought the radius would be more round on this model.

    As far as the Gibraltar I bridge goes, I actually donít mind it. Iím glad however that Rich at IbanezRules sells the Gibraltar II should I ever want to change it out. The Iís are great but the IIís look exceptional.

    The Iceman shape will take some getting used to but I really dig how different it is from the rest of my collection. Placing the back strap button beneath the tip definitely adds more comfort (I changed it after these photos). Thereís still some neck dive but itís better with the new strap positionÖplus it doesnít bother me that bad.

    That pretty much covers it. If anyone has any questions Iíll gladly answer.

    Now on to the Ďfamily photosí.

    For being used and in need of a little work & elbow grease, this thing is killer. Iíve wanted an Iceman in my collection ever since I fell for the shape thanks to Tom Warrior & V. Santura (Triptykon) and seeing Meshuggahís LACS Iceman 8ís. I wish Ibanez would consider giving the Iceman 7 another shot in the future. Maybe one that has a more Ďclassicí design like current ones or a bolt on version or something. Maybe one day but I wonít hold my breath.

    Thanks for readiní folks.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Very, very cool. Iceman's are one of the only non traditional shapes I like.

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    Aw yis, Iceman for the win.

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    That's a nice looking family.

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    Congratulations! Nice score. I love the Iceman shape.

    Like your family, too.
    All I can ask is that I suck a little less each time I pick up my guitar...

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