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Thread: Upgrading my son-in-law's stuff

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    Upgrading my son-in-law's stuff

    A few days ago, my son-in-law celebrated his birthday. His wife (my step-daughter) bought him an acoustic guitar for Christmas. In fact, their whole family is jumping into music - my wife and I picked up a pink Uke for the littlest granddaughter, etc.

    So, since I just bought the Blackstar and have a couple guitars I play, I decided to fork over the Epi SG Special that I'd tucked away in my gun cabinet, along with the Peavey 210 chorus I'd been playing, two leads, a tuner, bag, etc.

    He's stoked. I doubt he's going to take up metal, but he'll play something loud.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from him when the kids come back to visit.
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    That's dam cool.
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    Best father in law ever.

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    That's heaps cool. The only thing my father in law ever gives me is the shits!

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