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Thread: New String Sets (D'Addario poll on extended range instruments)

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    New String Sets (D'Addario poll on extended range instruments)


    Don from D'Addario here - in an effort to better dial in new string sets, we've put up a Survey, asking for your insight. What guitars are you using? What Tunings are you most using? Gauges, etc -

    Our focus here is on 7 and 8 string players. Our goal is to introduce some new sets later this year and with some guidance, we'd like to have the sets accommodate as many players as possible. We know that this isn't going to please everyone as there are far too many scale lengths, tunings and preferences to factor.

    If you'd like to share your thoughts - you can do so here -->

    Many thanks
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    Good to see you posting up here again. Oddly enough, I've bought two sets of NYXL's and a single 7th recently (one just showed up today actually for my other guitarists 7), so good timing

    EDIT: Filled in.

    EDIT2: As I also couldn't add a comment like Cam mentioned, my only gripe is a find the 7th's just a TINY bit too loose. Normally I'd live with this on the 25.5" as it's only going from .059 to .060, but I usually get the 9.5-44 + a single 56 over the 9-42+54 set.. Although if there was a 9-42+56 set option I'd no doubt go with that. I've gotta buy a 6 set + single either way with the NYXL's


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    Filled out

    I couldnt add a comment but I think that if you were to offer your baritone set 13-62 with a 10 for the high E as the standard 7 set it would go over pretty well

    For 8's just add a 74 for the low F#

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    Submitted. A seven string set like Cameron said with .10-.62 like yesterday.
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    Glad to see you guys doing this.

    Over and above introducing extended range sets... Do you have any plans to start to produce NYXL EXP electric strings, now that you're doing NYXL EXP acoustic strings? I've switched over from Elixir Nanoweb phosphor bronze strings to your EXP phosphor bronze strings because I think they sound better, and I'd love to make the switch on my seven strings as well... but there aren't any EXP single strings heavy enough to credibly be used as a low B. I've talked to a couple other D'Addario reps in the past and at the time I was told your focus was on the NYXL line, not the EXP line.

    However, I simply destroy non-coated low B strings - I chatted with a client service rep about the strings a couple months back and based on that conversation ordered a set of NYXLs in the gauges I currently use from Elixir (10-46 with a 68 B - I'd like something a little lighter, maybe a 64, but they don't offer one), and while I really liked how the strings sounded new, and I thought they felt great, especially bending on the unwound strings (the "play fearlessly" tag is perfect, I think - they FEEL stronger than regular strings), I'd killed the low B in about four days. To be fair this is on a seven string with stainless frets, which do kill strings a little faster that nickel frets, and it was over a weekend so I was playing a lot... But, the thing I like about coated strings is that they last pretty much forever even on my main players, and on the guitars I only pick up every once in a while they can sound fresh for a year or longer.

    Also, if you could introduce your Super-long strings in even SLIGHTLY lighter gauges, it'd make my day - a 130 on a 37" scale is pretty brutal. And actually, even the super longs are maybe a half centimeter too short for a 37" Dingwall - it works because it's a thicker string than Dingwalls shop with so the part where it's just starting to taper fits pretty well in the saddle, but it's not ideal (and I have to keep the truss rod pretty much cranked because of the tension). Offering individual strings in the 120-130 range would be awesome for those of us too masochistic to play a normal scale length.

    EDIT - also, I edited the thread title to make it a little more descriptive, and hopefully get a higher response. Hope you don't mind.
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    I'd fill in your survey if you didn't require my agreement for you to contact me and need to know my name (it's Mark btw, says so over there on the left, where it was optional to fill it in ). None your business, and completely unnecessary. I already buy your damned strings, and companies being too prying usually makes me change companies.

    Anyway, I use the 12, 16, 20, 34, 46, 60 set on 25.5" scale in drop A#, normally (A#,F,A#,D#,G,C). Sometimes C and very rarely B. In E I use 10s.

    I'd like to see NYXLs in those gauges, primarily.

    Yep, that's on 6s, but they are tuned to 7-ish lowness.

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    Filled out the form, hope it helps to get us some nice 7 string sets.

    Any chance you guys will do this on 5/6 string bass? Most of the D'addario sets have really really heavy D & A Strings, and anemic low B strings. I like the strings, but I dont like how almost all the sets are super top heavy.

    I know you guys are doing balanced tension sets for four strings, but when emailed customer service about a 5 or 6 string balanced set, the response I got was "Here's the tension chart, go to your local music store and make your own sets." With that response, I just opted to order from Kalium instead
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    Wirelessly posted

    I just want to be able to do something with all the Player Points I've been collecting, not knowing the scheme had finished.

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