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    Looking For Opinions...

    Hello Everybody... I am currently shopping for a new guitar. I typically play Gibson Les Paul's. I have two main guitars now from that family. This time though I am considering something lighter.

    Do any of you have any experience with any of the Paul Reed Smith guitars? Either their high end models, the SE or even the new American made S2's.

    Or how about ESP. I have never owned one of those.

    I value and appreciate your input and I look forward to the responses.
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    I really like PRS guitars. For almost a decade they were my go to guitars.

    I also really like ESP guitars. I have one that is probably the best shred machine I own.

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    If you you a lighter Les Paul style guitar,you could go with ESP/LTD...most (but not all) of their LPs are thinner than Gibson's
    but...a lot of them comes with EMGs,jumbo frets
    as for the neck,I like that of my LTD,not thin...but not too thick,if I remember right...it should a U shape...but I don't know how it is compared to a real LP

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    Wirelessly posted (Wondernuts)

    The best Les Paul's I have ever played have never been made by Gibson. I love ESPs and their take on the Les Paul is awesome (not the shitty eclipses you yanks get, I'm talking full thickness 4 knob models with a full cutaway and 22 fretslikethe one below I used to own). PRS guitars are also kickass, my personal preference being models from around 2001-2006 due to the features available t the time. The Single Cut is a wonderful feeling guitar with resonance to burn and won't break your back quite like a full LP standard or custom will.

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    Wirelessly posted

    I am a fan of the PRS - 24 frets on short scales dont do it for me. Check out the singlecuts and tremonti's.
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    I've got two Les Pauls, and I picked up an SE 245 mostly out of curiosity. It's feels like they took a Gibson and just smoothed everything out; it's got a tummy cut in the back, an angled neck joint, a scallop in the cutaway, and rounded edges on the top and back. It just feels all around more comfortable than my Gibsons, other than the fact that it has a baseball bat neck. My '92 LP has the '59 neck, which is thick yet comfortable, but the SE is more like the '59 reissue neck. The maple cap isn't quite as thick as on a Gibson, but the guitar overall is slightly thicker. The result seems to be a smoother midrange, while still very LP sounding; if you want to take some of the upper mid honk out of a Les Paul, this is it.

    Since it's an SE, you basically have to replace everything; the tuners are abysmal, it has a plastic nut that pinches four of the six strings, the pickups are mediocre, and the bridge has no intonation adjustment. However, if you're considering a real PRS, the SE is a good way to try it out for not much scratch.
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    The PRS Singlecut is a thinner, lighter guitar than the 245, which is intentionally meant to be more to "vintage spec".

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    Saw the thread title, thought:

    Yep, you're going to definitely get opinions here!

    I don't know how available the different options are for you but really, go into some stores and try the things you've got your eye on.

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