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Thread: NGD: Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul

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    NGD: Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul

    Another first for me here: my first Gibson LP ever.

    I've been wanting an LP forever; however, I've been waiting for the right one. Specifically, I wanted a cherry flame top with an ebony board. I finally found it! Dead mint condition, too. Came from a collector who kept it as his case queen. No buckle rash, scratches, or dings to be found anywhere on this beauty.

    See after pics for more info.

    Mahogany body
    Mahogany neck
    Ebony fretboard
    Abalone inlays
    12" - 14" compound radius neck

    The radius measurements of the neck DO NOT exist anywhere on the internet. I spent ridiculous amounts of time trying to find the measurements before I just had my tech measure it for me. So there you go. For all of those curious on the Elegant compound radius measurements, it's 12" to 14".

    It has a chambered mahogany body, but I'm not sure how many chambers this has really. It weighs in at a good 9 pounds!

    I absolutely love this guitar. It plays amazingly and feels like a guitar of this calibre should: absolutely perfect. Had my tech, who's a Gibson nut, check it out, and he couldn't put it down. He said it was the smoothest playing LP he'd played in forever.

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    That is a seriously nice looking LP.

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    Hmm this doesn't help my lp gas... I'm trying to ignore it. I've had 3 and they've all been lemons. They've all been epiphones though so I don't expect this kind of quality. This thing looks amazing.

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    Very nice, congrats

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    Welcome to the dark side.

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    Fine instrument my man.
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