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Thread: Upgrading the Bich

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    Upgrading the Bich

    Since I picked up the BC Rich Bich for $100 for the budget challenge I've spent a considerable amount of time with it. After a good cleaning and a little TLC, I tuned it down to where my latest experiments are taking me, drop F#. The 30" scale on this thing is absolutely perfect for what I want and the clarity is incredible, so I decided to upgrade it a bit.

    Got a great deal on a Dimarzio Crunchlab, so in it went, along with removing the tone control. This thing is built for metal, don't need a tone control.

    The stock tuners were absolute shit. In went a set of Schaller locking tuners, nothing extravagant, but a huge improvement over stock shit.

    The off center, plastic fucking joke of a nut had to go. Since I was now into an area way out of my league, I took it to a local guitar tech. He is a good friend and one of the best techs I've ever dealt with. I had him cut a bone nut specific to my string gauges.

    While he had it he also went through and leveled the frets and gave it an incredible set up. It's a whole different monster now.

    It has become my main work horse now. While she's a little beaten and abused, it's plays and sounds better than most I've played and is a blast to play. The 30" scale took some getting used to. It did neck dive like a bitch so I relocated the front strap peg as far forward as I could. With the help of a 4" leather strap it's not too bad now.

    I can't say enough about the Crunchlab. It sounds better than I ever imagined. It totally destroys the EMG 81 and EMG 707x is my other guitars, I may never go back to an active pup.

    Hanging out with my other guitars that are in my current rotation.

    If anyone's curious, I'm using Kalium strings. 13,18,31,43,57,76
    Overall, I couldn't be happier, sounds great, plays great, and I've got right at $300 in it.

    Yes, I like black, lol!
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    sounds like that thing is a beast

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    Didn't know they made a 30" bich. Cool fiddle.

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    Seems interesting. Id definitely would like to hear how it sounds.

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    Nice! I always wanted one of those baritone biches, especially since they are single pickup guitars.

    RHLC East Coast President

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    This thread is awesome.

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    record a clip of chords and not-djent!

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    I'll work on some recordings, it might be a bit, but I'll get around to it. I'm an absolute noob at recording, so maybe some feedback would help me get things going in a good direction. To be honest, it's somewhat intimidating to post clips here(or anywhere for that matter)there are absolute monster players here and I'm nowhere near that.

    Djent? not gonna happen. I'm just an old metalhead bashin' shit out. Chords and single note riffin' is where this thing shines, especially boosting a Mesa with a Mesa, absolutely fuckin' huge

    I'll record something, but it might be a week or so, work is kickin' my ass right now.

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