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    Grandpa Geetarz

    Looking at getting an acoustic guitar for derping around. Liking the Ibanez and Godin models but i just don't know a whole lot about em. 500-2k ish price range. thoughts?

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    That's a somewhat broad price range, there.

    Staying closer to $500, I recommend the Martin X-Series. When I was shopping acoustics last year, I was mainly looking at 12-strings, but both the 6- and 12-strings in this series really impressed me. Very playable and even-sounding for such a cheap guitar. They look a little odd because the neck is some kind of manufactured composite wood, but I had a hard time putting them down. I found them way more enjoyable than the other guitars I tried in that price range.

    Seagulls (made by Godin) sell for a little more, but that'd be my other recommendation. No funky woods in those, just very nice resonance and playability. You can't go wrong either way.

    Once you go above $1,000, you're in Serious Guitar territory and have tons of choices. Everybody seems to love Taylors, but I find them a little bland (might work better in a band mix).

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    There are some fantastic guitars in the $750-$1000 range.

    Acoustics you really have to play a lot of to find the one that really plays and sounds the way you like, because there are so many variables, and you can't really change the fundamental tone later on like you can with electrics.

    If i were shopping in that range, i'd be looking at Taylor, Yamaha and Martin. In my experience, this price range is really the sweet spot for production acoustic guitars… once you start getting over $1000, you're looking at much more expensive/exotic woods and more fancy features like binding, inlay and purfling that just make a guitar look more expensive without really adding much to the sound.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Besides the usual suspects (Gibson Martin Taylor) try to find some breedloves to play, they kick ass in every price range

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    Wirelessly posted (Wondernuts)

    I have a Takamine PTU220 custom order and I can't speak highly enough of the Japanese made Takamines. They sound awesome acoustic and if it has the electric side as well it sounds decent plugged up. I used mine for a song at an event I was MC'ing recently and I was surprised by how good it went live.

    You can pick up used MIJ Takamines for the $500-$1000 mark with ease. Also, Larrivee are fucking amazing. I still miss the L01 we had in the studio.
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    Last year I bought a Martin D-15m and I'm very happy with it. I can't finger pick to save my life so I just wanted something that sounded big and was comfortable to strum on. I tried a bunch of acoustics (mostly martins) and this one just worked best.

    $1400aus but can be found cheaper everywhere else in the world. Also, it smells fantastic, which is a big selling point.

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    Maton guitars from Australia.
    Our dollar is dropping.
    Your dollar is gaining.
    Bang for your buck.
    Maton make some VERY nice acoustics.
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