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Thread: About Hipshot Products.

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    About Hipshot Products.

    I don't usually do this, but I feel like it should be mentioned.

    I was in the market for some locking tuners for my KM7, because as good as schecters locking tuners are they don't hold up that well to bends and aggressive playing...

    I opted for the open-gear griplock variants, and used the provided schematics with some headstock measurements done at the house. They offer them in 20, 19, and 18mm pole heights so you can really adjust the nut/tuner angle. Tech support was very helpful in suggesting the proper height so it would be a seamless install.

    Fast forward to the tuners: Unfortunately I had to drill mounting holes which I was somewhat hesitant about. However, after inspecting the parts themselves it was clear they are of much much higher quality.

    Here's where Hipshot sets themselves apart. Somehow one of the griplocks broke during installation, and I called them to describe what happened. Where most companies would give me a quick "too fucking bad" they stood up and rushed an identical replacement to me free of charge.

    So after all is said and done the improvement to the tuning/tone and playability of the guitar are on par with my impression of their customer service.

    There's no other company I would want to even bother with now.

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    I was seriously impressed with the tuners I put on my DR7 (the open back Grip Loks as well), they had them in brushed chrome to match the rest of the hardware, and they even sent me a set of the Schaller-style buttons free of charge! (Of course, they only sent me six since I failed to tell them it was a 7 string, but that's not their fault. )

    So, yeah, recommended. I wish they made a 7 string TOM.

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    Hipshot is really pretty great.

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    Yeah hipshot replaced an older 8 string version bridge I bought on eBay for one of their new updated ones. Free of charge and shipped on two days without even receiving the one I sent to them.
    Great company
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    The open back Grip Loks are what I've got on my BC Rich Bich doubleneck, and I'm been very happy with them. Lightweight, compact, and precise describes them perfectly. I've got a closed back set on another guitar, and they're just as good. The tolerances are ridiculously tight, to the point where you can set the key turn force super low and still not get backlash.

    The only complaint someone might have is with the gear ratio, since it seems like you turn the plain strings forever when you're used to Spertzels.
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    I had a very similar experience from TonePros/Schecter back in the day, too.

    I was trying to put some graphtech saddles in the TOM on a 007 Blackjack, but it turns out the design they had used didnt allow you to remove the saddles and then put them back in. Once you removed them, they were removed for ever

    Emailed schecter, they forwarded it over to tonepros regarding these bridges, and tonepros sent a new one out free of charge. They've since changed the design on the bridge so you can change the saddles, but i was really impressed with that.
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    Great to see I'm not the only was that is enamored with them haha. I'm really impressed with their customer service so I sent them a hand written note back with the broken one.

    It's the little things.

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    Customer service really makes the difference.

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