Any Kramer Baretta Special owners?

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Thread: Any Kramer Baretta Special owners?

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    Any Kramer Baretta Special owners?

    I just got mine yesterday, the only real complaint so far is that the neck seems short and I get a lot of fret buzz. If you own one now or have ever owned one or no someone that has, can you comment below? I'd like to see what kind of mods you guys have done to it.

    I ordered a new vol. knob for it, I'm not a fan of the top hat vol. knob
    I also have a set of Schaller strap locks coming in too.
    All of the new replacement parts will be black to keep it in uniform

    Here's a list of a few other possible mods I have planned:

    Remove the Baretta Special tag from the head
    Change the neck, not sure to what yet
    Maybe change out the plastic nut to brass
    Swap out silver screws on pup for black
    Swap top hat vol. knob for a Knurl Black knob
    Take out the green capacitor on the vol. pot to fix the treble-y / volume issue
    Replace the trem bar with black Kramer trem bar
    Tighten down the screws under the trem cover
    Add 2 more springs

    Maybe down the road
    500 k CTS pot
    Black Sperzel locking tuners
    Dirty Fingers
    Any Kramer Baretta Special owners?-10995492_873977575971950_278670164924525693_n-jpg

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    Just got one yesterday, I ordered it from zZounds. I was a little nervous about what was gonna show up at my door, but I was surprised at the quality of such a cheap guitar, I cant stop playing it. As of right now, I would like to replace the tuners and the plastic nut, maybe the volume knob, it doesn't really fit the look of this guitar, but other than that right now those are the only complaints. Theres no fret buzz,and the action is not too shabby.

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    Nice man, someone else who's not afraid to say they bought a guitar made in Indonesia. I love mine, I didn't do any of the stuff I mentioned above except change the Vol. knob to a knurled barrel knob and install the Schaller strap locks. I had to lower the action down at the bridge, it was way too high. I have plans for this thing, the price was too good to just pass by. The new and current working list of mods for mine are:

    Either Sperzel or Schaller locking tuners
    Either Dirty Fingers pup or SD Invaders
    EVH Low Friction 500K Pot
    Black TUSQ XL
    Black Floyd Rose Lic. Bridge I don't use the bar at all, so a low priced lic. one will work. It's more for the look than anything else.
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