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    NGD: Vigier Excalibur Special

    So, my frikkin' Vigier finally arrived from France after being held in customs on both sides of the Atlantic. Got on eBay. Was listed as a 2000 but is actually a 1997.

    It's a bit grimy on the fingerboard (my first maple!) and the strings have apparently been used to grate cheese. But that's easily treatable.

    The electronics for the pickup selector are spotty. So, that'll need fixing. The PAF Pro/FS1/Tone Zone combo needs some exploring.

    Other than that, feels real nice. The neck is (of course) nice and flat. It's a bit thicker than I expected but nothing approaching a baseball bat.

    Flame top is super bright red. Mirror pickup is apparently a new one.

    Got to get to playing!
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    Nice score, should cover a lot of tonal ground.
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    Great score! Congrats!
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    The other day, I walked into a music store where a Vigier rep was pimping a couple of their guitars. I played one of these & it was a superb instrument. 2 years ago, I checked out their line at NAMM & I left with the same impression. Of course, it better be for $3200. I don't know if I'd ever drop that kind of coin for a new one, but I'd snag a used one if the price was right.

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    Schwing! HNGD!

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    Nice! I'd love to try one of those someday.

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    Congrats! It looks like one I got to try a few years ago

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