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Thread: Jackson or Ibanez choices

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    Jackson or Ibanez choices

    Hi eveybody,

    Some months ago I got my first Jackson that was super cheap (I mean really really cheap) on a pawn shop and I was buying it to do a DIY modification on it (which im doing), I didn't at the time even knew what guitar it was and its a made in japan DXMG with EMG H3 pickups after getting it all cleaned up and re-string I felt in love with its neck.

    Now this guitar is no longer made and I cant seem to find what models were their replacement until recently i saw an ad for a used DKMGT with EMG 81/85 and simply loved the Piranha inlays and was thinking why not, contacted the seller with an offer but so far he hasn't replied back... The DKMGT (fixed bridge) is probably on the same line as my Dinky DXMG right? Excluding the Floyd of course. Same reverse headstock and I assume same Neck thickness right?

    Now how about the Ibanez RGR321EX? Hows does it compare to the DKMGT or even to the DXMG? Theres one also for sale, its from 2007 seems ok by the photos but the pickups are the EMG H1 and im wondering apart from the pickups if the Body and Neck are on the same level to both of the Jacksons.

    Im more inclined for the DKMGT (if the seller replies... which im starting to doubt), I felt in love with my DXMG and want another Jackson but I heard good things about the RGR321Ex, mainly the switch the PUPS and you have a very nice guitar.

    Any opinions will be more than welcome, im a Bedroom guitar player with no pretensions to have a band and im even using Overloud TH2 as my "Amp" so Im not demanding on PUPS although I really want to try Actives, even if the deal fails on the Jackson. What I really want to know is how the guitars are comparable in terms of Neck, im a Ibanez fan but getting into Jacksons and dont really like the cheap Schecter I have mainly because of its Neck thickness...


    EDIT: Ups I noticed I posted this on the Wrong section, can any Mod move it to the right place? Im sorry
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    The DKMGT will be similar, though they were actually a more expensive guitar. Your DX could be Indian or Japanese - the DK is Japanese. The neck thickness will be similar as well.

    Even if you need to swap the PUs, odds are the DKMGT will be a better guitar than the Ibanez.

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    My DXMG from a few years back is Japanese. Great guitar. The newer ones they started pumping out a couple years ago were Indian, like Mike said, and I'm sure if varies in between as well.

    Here's mine

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    My DKMGT absolutely destroys any modern Ibanez in the same price range.

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    Chushin Gakki make some killer gear. Other options are to look for older Jackson MIJ models including the cheaper Performer series. I used to have a PS4 Performer and other than the shitty hardware it was an awesome guitar.

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    It's really depends of your budget. I have tried a very good Jackson Soloist SLATHX-M 3-7. It was Indonesian made, but it rips a lot of JP and US that I tried. And it's cheap as hell! Really blow me But I'm not sure about consistency in production. Ibanez is really consistent and there are not a lot of chances to get a really bad one.
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    Thanks guys,

    The DXMG I bought is MIJ, in fact it was that MIJ sticker on the backside of the neck that made me more aware to take it home and later saw the date inside the Neck, its from 2008. Felt in love with her

    I was a bit aware that the Jackson would be better, I think their price in Europe new was something around 750-850 euros and the RGR321 was like 450-500? But im not sure, of course the 81/85 also weights in the final price.

    Thing is its very hard to find Jacksons in Europe used at "decent" prices, all the ones I saw in Ebay were expensive for me, around 450-550 euros then plus shipping so I would basically be paying 600+ euros (700+ dollars) for a used DKMGT which I cant afford at present time. This one i saw was a bit more affordable , sure it had some dings here and there, but nothing major and as long as they don't interfere in playability they don't bother me much, although I think that deal is off, seller doest reply so I assume its already sold.

    What models did Jackson put out as a more "direct" replacement of the DKMGT (or even the DKMG or DXMG) just out of curiosity?

    Thanks for the info guys

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    My main prob is I cant "test" any of the used options, since they live far away from me, so in case of a finish deal I can only see them when I make hundreds of kilometers to go pick them up (which will add to the cost of them for me). I never had a DKMGT or a RGR321 in my hands and at stores in here we only have the cheapest Jackson (200 euro range) which won tell me anything even if I pick them up to test. Recent Ibanez I picked up to test on a store where S520WK, the S Iron Label, and both felt really cheap, the Iron label had bad finishes which I found odd, since its more expensive than the S520WK. So im starting to become suspicious of the NON Prestige line of Ibanez, and that line out of the equation for me

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