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Thread: NLPGD - New Little Purple guitar day

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    NLPGD - New Little Purple guitar day

    My daughter decided that she wanted to learn how to play guitar back in January. After doing a happy dance, I made a deal with her. We would rent a guitar and start taking lessons, and if she kept up with it I would buy her a guitar for her 7th birthday. Well that day has come.

    Enter the Ibanez Mikro, purple of course, because...well.. purple...

    Cool little guitar, stoked little girl, happy dad.

    I do need to get some replacement tuners as this thing doesn't stay in tune very well and it bugs the crap out of me. Otherwise I am very happy.

    She gets to use my Blackstar HT-5 as well. Pretty nice rig for a 7 year old.
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    Dude, she LOOKS excited to have that thing, but also trying to play it cool, because it's a cool guitar so she needs to play it cool too. Awesome!
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    Fantastic man! What a great picture!

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    I bought my niece a yellow Mikro and a little amp (Crate 15X... hey, it's what we ALL started with!).

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    That's great! Nice photo too.

    An Ibanez Mikro with a Blackstar HT-5 is a pretty mean setup indeed for a 7 year old.

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    Awesome man!

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    very cool! Hopefully she stays with it, I see lots of talented kids just drop musical instruments all the time
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    Congrats on the Dad points.

    Quote Originally Posted by man jerk View Post
    ... Enter the Ibanez Mikro, purple of cource, because...well.. purple...
    We're pink sparkly here, with a pink cord and pink DR strings and a pink tuner, for the 8-yr-old. Her picks are purple, but she fingerpicks almost everything.

    The biggest hoot during the whole shopping process was going into stores, asking to look at one of the few short scales they had, they salesperson would had it to me, I'd just hand-off the guitar to my daughter, she'd get into a good classical position w/ the electric, and then rip-out her Twinkles, Lightly Row, Perpetual Motion, etc. The sales folks were always caught off guard.

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