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Thread: Caparison - General questions and stuff.

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    Caparison - General questions and stuff.

    I've seen Caparison guitars all over the internet for quite a while and they seem to have a good rep. I love their designs and I know there are a few people on here who own/have owned them. Can anyone share any experience/opinions about them please?
    Also, does anyone know about what kind of prices they can generally be found at second hand in the UK?

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    I've got a dellinger 2 and my mate has a horus. As far as playability goes they are some of the nicest guitars I have played. Their necks are a bit thicker than the likes of Ibanez but more comfortable in my opinion. I've actually been considering selling mine recently and was thinking about the 1,000 mark. Will probably not sell though.

    Hopefully that helps

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    I've always felt that they are hideously overpriced when compared with other MIJ superstrats, but they do look fucking cool
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    I have a few and really like them. I can't really say any bad things about them. The necks are a little thicker than Ibanez, but they are very comfortable in my opinion. Overall they're a good guitar for the money when comparing them to similar guitars. I've heard of a few people having hits and misses with them, but I guess I got lucky and got all hits by some sheer stroke of luck, so I'd say the misses aren't really the norm.

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    I've got several Caparisons and they are my main go to guitar. I have 2 TAT's, an Angelus and until recently had a Dellinger as well. They are an acquired taste. The necks aren't your thin shredder necks. They're also hand carved, as are the tops on the Angelus and TAT models which is why they're quite pricey. However the attention to detail on them I've found to be second to none. They can be had secondhand at pretty decent prices, dependent on the model depends on the price. The Horus is the most common one on the secondhand market and tends to go for the lowest amount. Here in Australia I've paid between $780 and $1500 for all my ones but I've been lucky.

    Basically a TAT is a mildly carved top trough neck alder winged guitar in the vein of the Jackson Soloist it was based on. Nice D shaped neck with a compound radius that is great if you like something not as thin and flat as an Ibanez or Jackson.

    The Dellinger is the all round Ibanez RG style bolt neck guitar and the mahogany bodies on the old models and maple/mahogany on the new ones is a nice change from basswood. Starts at a U shape profile on the nut end and rounds out to a nice C.

    The Horus is a 24.75 scale guitar for your shredder.

    The Angelus is like the bastard child of a Les Paul and a PRS Custom 24, maple slab on a mahogany back with mahogany neck and a 24.75 scale. The doubly cutaway style of a PRS but a full thickness body like and LP that is chunky with a much nicer neck joint than the huge square block on the PRS. The neck is a slight U shape with more rounded shoulders that normally I wouldnt like but it feels right on this guitar.

    Best bet is to go play one and find the one that fits you. I've not played a bad one, however I did sell my Dellinger as I didn't mesh with it. My TATs on the other hand are like an extension of my body and what I've wanted in a guitar for years. If only they made a TOM model that ISN'T one of those shit ugly offset bastards.

    Hopefully that helps somewhat.

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    What's led me to hold onto mine is the neck and general playability being great. Tone wise its not as good as my esp horizon or suhr m5.

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    So give it a pickup swap?
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    Wirelessly posted

    Good post Version 6. You and I definitely share the same view about them.

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