New 1000 series ESP LTD models for strat fans.

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Thread: New 1000 series ESP LTD models for strat fans.

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    New 1000 series ESP LTD models for strat fans.

    Summer NAMM 2015 New Products - The ESP Guitar Company

    The 24 fret ones look pretty nice. I'm not a super huge fan of the koa look so the M-II and EC-II look eh. The 5-string fetted BB model is pretty cool though, thought it was weird one was fretless and the other wasn't when they came out originally.

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    That koa M-1000 is fit.

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    I hope this means more of the funky-shape Japanese ESPs will be available as LTDs. Always wanted a Snapper and a Mystique for the longest time, but my broke ass can't afford them if they're E-IIs or ESP.

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    Hell yeah. Sick looking stuff in ESP's lineup.

    Now tung oil the necks, you cunts
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    Those koa fiddles have my interest, even if it is only a veneer. The only thing, though......on the EC-1000, Custom 5 in the neck and Jazz in the bridge? Shouldn't it be the other way around? I've never heard of a Jazz in the bridge position.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soxfan121292 View Post
    Now tung oil the necks, you cunts

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    I'll bet thats a typo..
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    Christ that black strat-like one is gorgeous

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    I like the concept of those, even tho the finishes are not my cup of liking. 24 fret stratolikes are really cool!

    Has anybody noticed that there are far less finish options nowadays? Back in the 80s-90s there was almost always like 8-9 colors to choose from, now you gotta be lucky if there's more than 2 on the same model...

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