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Thread: NGfmDD : TeleCamster Edition

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    NGfmDD : TeleCamster Edition

    Guys, when Cam builds a parts guitar, he does it right

    This thing kinda rips! I don't like the neck, but that's OK, because this is a New Guitar for my Dad Day

    NGfmDD : TeleCamster Edition-img_0758-jpg

    Although it won't be staying, it brings me to 11 playable guitars

    NGfmDD : TeleCamster Edition-img_0759-jpg

    L to R:
    1. Samick Tele, P-Rail b, SD Hot Tele n
    2. Ibanez SR500 bass, stock
    3. USA LP, BKPs (Rebel Yell b, MissQueen n)
    4. Warmoth Roudness, P-Rail b
    5. Warmoth SG, SD Full Shred b, Invader n (going to get SD Custom/59 b and PhatCat n)
    6. Hamer Std, BKP Emeralds (going to get RailHammers)
    7. Godin A6 Ultra, stock
    8. Mac, SD Custom Something b, Custom Something n
    9. Epi LP, P-Rails
    10. Parts TeleCamster
    11. (not pictured) Ibanez 470STR
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails NGfmDD : TeleCamster Edition-img_0758-jpg   NGfmDD : TeleCamster Edition-img_0759-jpg  

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    Completely tappable
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    I want cam's strat SO badly lol. Looks sweet man. Hope your pops enjoys.
    ^ probably sarcasm.

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    I want that MIG.

    Also, nicely done on the guitar. A Tele with humbuckers is always awesome.

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    That is awesome I love the Color combo.
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    Heheh… Telecamster…

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    Nice score

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    that sure is a tastie tele

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